Section 103 Phase 2

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Section 103 Phase 2 by Mind Map: Section 103 Phase 2

1. OUTBOUND: Customers can apply different skill sets for different jobs, rather than having to focus on one

2. Low cost + Low price

2.1. Provide opportunities for student employment to reduce cost

2.1.1. Spread words to their fellow classmates

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6. have a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully market your home.

7. Group 314: VAnalyst

7.1. 1) Value Proposition

7.1.1. Customer Service Dealing with clients and their stock profolios develop close relationships and trust with local clients excellent communication to clearly and efficient help investor decisions seek feedbacks from customers, focus on satisfying their needs& addressing their issues

7.1.2. Technology Development Real time updates and reports on customer investment choices (prospective investments) sent through either email or mail investing in customer relationship management software to better communicate with the customers, also lowering the costs

7.2. 2) Revenue Model

7.2.1. Transaction Fees Charging a transaction fee for every trade, depending on the type of transaction

7.2.2. Subscription Fees Investors have to pay monthly service fees for a full or discounted broker service (depending on consumer preference)

8. 1) What is the value proposition of your company? 2) What is your revenue model?

9. Group 311: Good Foods

9.1. Value proposition

9.1.1. Bringing quality, organic products to customers while promoting a healthier lifestyle. Offering a diverse selection of local and imported products, benefiting the local economy.

9.1.2. Knowledgeable staff who can help customers with their food choices. More customer service: distributing dietary information cards throughout the store.

9.1.3. Managing Transportation and logistics so produce will always be delivered fresh and on time.

9.2. Revenue model

9.2.1. Online shopping: customers can buy online using credit card and PayPal payments.

9.2.2. Groceries bought in store can be done through self-checkout. New node

9.2.3. Frequent buyer card. Customers can sign up for a frequent buyer card to gain extra benefits and store credit.

9.2.4. Selling organic foods.

10. Group 312: MoveIT

10.1. Value Proposition

10.1.1. Offer affordable prices

10.1.2. Customer loyalty developed by excellent customer service (efficient and safe)

10.1.3. Small but specialized moving service (easier to tailor to customer needs)

10.1.4. Matching customer needs - making it easy by supplying manpower (an experienced moving team) - caters to customer's schedules instead of fixed times

10.1.5. How do they attract customers? - appeal to locals in Vancouver, paying attention to students and immigrants (more personalized)

10.1.6. Why do customers choose to do business with them? - local, efficient, safety-guaranteed, flexible (time/schedules/$)

10.1.7. Reliable and on time

10.2. Revenue Model

10.2.1. Sales Revenue Model - Revenue based on how many customers pay for service - Appeal to locals/students/immigrants through word-of-mouth from other satisfied customers, club postings, community center ads, pamphlets and flyers - Recorded on a traditional paper filing system - Can cooperate with student clubs or universities

10.2.2. Affiliate Revenue Model - in future, can offer discounts to repeating customers (especially for students)

11. Group 315 - DataMed

11.1. Value Proposition

11.1.1. ***Provide Customers with the best service by having the most knowledgeable staff, keeping client information confidential, and having supplies needed on hand Marketing and Sales Dealing with patients while they are in the office - fast and accurate service CustomerService Keeping customer information confidential how receptionist deals with customer complaints and concerns Clinics will want to know which prescriptions work the best for certain conditions and symptoms - customer feedback Inbound logistics Having proper supplies to meet client demand Having the right drugs on hand in the right quantities Have a database to keep track of orders and stock Technology Development Having the newest, most accurate, and efficient technology to meet patient's needs continuously have research and development to make sure clinic is up to date Human Resource mangement Doctors and patients have a very personal relationship - need to have staff that is well trained to handle all sort of customers - make customers feel comfortable and safe

11.2. Revenue Model

11.2.1. Sales Revenue Model Giving customers knowledgeable and accurate answers to their problems Customers will want the best information since it has to do with there health Medical industries is based of customer service Education is extremely important for increasing revenue applying this education to help the clients Excellent Service is extremely important - Knowledge is the key behind service

11.2.2. Affiliate Revenue Model Doctors also make money off of prescriptions must be able to support why they are recommending specific medications - can't simply recommend a medication because they will make the most money off of it Give new prescription that work well and that you will make money off of Often have the newest medication in clinics because suppliers of medication want doctors to recommend there new product - portion of the profit made off the prescription goes to the clinic

12. Move It: Group 316

12.1. Revenue Model

12.1.1. Primary activities: selling the service of moving Sales and Marketing Target marketing towards students and immigrants since Vancouver has a large population of both Computerized ordering system Create branding through recognition of company colours ex. U-Haul's orange Supply Chain (procurement of resources) Packing material Rolling carts and ramps Inbound logistics Storage system New warehouse to house fleet Operations GPS to track drivers

12.2. Value Proposition

12.2.1. To be the #1 moving company in the city of Vancouver through branding and efficiency in delivering customers contents to their desired location. Create value in our services Referral bonus program Provide customers with detailed information about their vehicle, movers, and drivers Ensuring trucks are on time and nothing is damaged in the process.

13. Group 318- Data Med

13.1. Value Proposition

13.1.1. value chain (ideas) Customer Service Customer centered strategy Able to fufil customer demands Marketing Understanding customer needs Operations Management IT Mission: To provide quality health care services in a timely manner while providing an efficient and comfortable environment for patients

13.1.2. Overall Proposition Datamed is a business focused on delivering exceptional quality health care and high quality customer service. They will attract customers by marketing outstanding customer service, patient care and develop a loyal client base by delivering on that promise. Also, they are going to be using IT to further improve their customer service. It can help decrease customer wait times, educate customers about health issues.

13.2. Revenue Model

13.2.1. DataMed generates revenue by providing a wide variety medical services. These services are timely, high quality and focused on patient care. Revenue will be generated from emergency procedures as well as follow up care and any other health related services.

14. Group 317: City Workforce

14.1. Revenue Model

14.1.1. Subscription Revenue Model: City Workforce makes money by charging a small fee to both potential employees (workers) as well as companies who are using City Workforce to seek people out. And because it's only focus on short-term employment opportunities and therefore high turnover rate provide chance to earn more revenue. "Plus" Subscription with enhanced features

14.1.2. Advertising Revenue Model: Companies can post their advertisements on the website to try and increase applicants.

14.1.3. Sales Revenue Model: Online resources to help employees with their job search- books, movies, ect.

14.2. Value Propostition

14.2.1. The key point of the value chain of this company is its technology development . Via its database and internal searching tool, it helps both employees and employers find each other faster. It's different with the traditional manufacturing enterprises, so there is no specific inbound logistics and outbound logistics. Efficiently matching employees with companies for short-term recruitment

14.2.2. Marketing and Customer Service are also key things that City Workforce needs to focus on due to its constant communication with people and need to attract different companies and individuals to use their service. Creating a channel in which employees and employers can communicate Marketing: "What can City Force provide to companies and employees?"

15. Group 319: City Workforce

15.1. Value Chain

15.1.1. Inbound Logistics

15.1.2. Operations Fast matching systems between needs and our staff; requires a technological system

15.1.3. Outbound Logistics

15.1.4. Marketing and Sales Better understanding customer needs Leverage connections across countries

15.1.5. Customer Service Customer feedback service New node

15.2. Value Proposition

15.2.1. To provide good quality temporary employees to client firms that allow clients to focus on their core competencies New node

15.3. Revenue Model

15.3.1. Subscription Accessing to some private content and info about companies, employees, ratings, feedback

15.3.2. Sales Commission on contractual agreement (salary)

15.3.3. (Advertising) we could develop our website to gain profits from ads, related to our business

16. Group 320- Good Foods Canada

16.1. Value Proposition

16.1.1. Value-chain Primary activites: - imbound logistic- delivery will be efficient through the use of IT - Outbound logistics- cx can get the products delivered home or they can come into a store to buy them, delivery process will be the use of IT - marketing and sales- advertising via online flyers and paper flyers and radio ads - Customer service- we will have recipes using our products, and reinbursement if they are not happy with the product, deliver their food if they order it online Supporting value activities: - the focus is on procurement state strong relationships will be built with our vancouver based farmers because we are local

16.1.2. we provide high qualityhealthy products at reasonable prices for people concerned with their health and where their food comes from, our products are produced in enviromentally friendly farms not using pesticides or hormones, unlike typical industrialized food. A strong collaboration with local suppliers, who are committed to healthy products, will ensure fresh high quality product

16.2. Revenue Model - sales revenue model: our profit will come from large volume sales through online store and instore

17. New node

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19. New node

19.1. New node

20. New node

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22. New node

23. New node

24. Group 301 MoveIT

24.1. Value Proposition

24.1.1. Focuses on marketing and sales Reliability Delivering services on time Well trained staff to ensure safety and reduce insurance expense Flexibility Acommodate customer's special demands Provide storage services Partner with furniture companies Students receive coupons of furniture shops after using our service Brand image Sustainability - Save on gas/environmental friendly Take advantage of students' social networking such as Facebook and Twitter to appeal more our target market

24.2. Revenue model (Low cost and Low price)

24.2.1. Partner with student organizations Advertising through clubs and causes

24.2.2. Online services Online booking system which will reduce costs and maximize efficiency of data storage (More people will book)

24.2.3. Storage Services Stable income Expand market by not limiting service to students = More revenue

24.2.4. Providing opportunities of student employment to reduce cost Provide word of mouth among classmates and friends

25. Group 302: Good Foods

25.1. Value Proposition

25.1.1. We sell Organic foods at low price; organic foods are usually expensive so selling these at lower prices gives us a competitive advantage Unique Selling Point

25.1.2. Supply chain management is much simpler as we get our supplies directly from farmers

25.1.3. Healthy foods which therefore increases demand

25.1.4. Brand Image: Great prices for Great quality

25.1.5. Since we are a small chain it enhances customer loyalty

25.1.6. Customer Service Since we are a small company in a niche market, greater customer service as it can make more personal connections

25.2. Revenue Model

25.2.1. Low costs on supply to maintain low prices

25.2.2. To ensure lower costs we buy directly from farmers to reduce supply chain costs

25.2.3. Partnering with bigger chains for financial support and gaining economies of scale; help us gain access to a larger customer base

26. Group 303


26.1.1. Provide QUALITY SERVICE to find the best houses :) PROFESSIONAL MARKETING provide QUALITY, UPDATED INFORMATION for customers via WEBSITE (IT): statistics, housing market conditions, economic conditions, updated listings, etc have a list of QUALIFIED REALTORS that can assist us in getting home ready for the market. Choose specific housing MARKETS that customers want: have appropiate houses for appropiate markets (eg: luxury vs budget houses vs condos) professionally designed information package to floor plans and full internet exposure satisfy customer specs: sq feet, bedroom/bathroom amounts, location etc PROFESSIONAL SALES Hire people with previous sales expertise in order to draw initial skeptics in HOW to PROMOTE QUALITY?: Advertise various awards and accolades to help draw in more customers


26.2.1. AKA: Sales Revenue Model each realtor receives commission for the houses they sell MAIN SOURCE: Website promotion Attracts customers TO INQUIRE

26.2.2. Advertising Revenue Model (?) receive fees for advertisements posted on website Revenue for ad space on property signs

26.2.3. Subscription Revenue Model For access to exclusive listing, buyers have to pay subscription fee per time period. JUSTIFY: will it work? Will customers think it's worth it

26.2.4. MAIN REVENUE MODEL: Transaction Fee Revenue Model Take commissions on home purchase and sale

27. Group 304: VAnalyst

27.1. 1) Value Proposition

27.1.1. Simple Financial Help Build customer loyalty and trust by offering a personal relationship with a certified advisor Personal Wealth Management - Saving and planning for today, tomorrow and the future - history of strong returns and steady growth of our clients investments for our clients we will help you grow your net-worth while planning for you to live your life, the way you would like to Professional Investors who analyze the markets daily to ensure the investments are doing well and we are optimally placed in the market - They are available to offer our clients personal advise daily

27.2. 2) Revenue Model

27.2.1. A flat fee for funds invested, followed by a back end commission on all profitable returns on the investments. On the sale of sound financial advice selling - Mutual Funds, Stocks, Commodities, insurance policies Keeping the customers up-to-date of their investments by offering customized reports online and through mail

27.2.2. Hourly fees for estate planning, and other life planning services

28. Group 305: VanRealty

28.1. Value Proposition

28.1.1. Support Acitivites Human Resource Management providing incentives Technology Development virtual design software Firm Infrastructure better communication and messaging Procurement of Resources online annual reports

28.1.2. Primary Activities Marketing and Sales open houses commission Customer Service on hands call customer representative Outbound Logistics provide packaging and shipping management systems staff

28.2. Revenue Model

28.2.1. personalize their experience when buying and selling houses help make it a less stressful experience

28.2.2. relating value of the house to commission as the value of the house increases, so does commission because it is harder to sell a house that is in a higher price bracket


28.2.4. Cutting cost by having a more efficient info system

29. Group 306 - City Workforce

29.1. Value Proposition

29.1.1. Providing a service that will satisfy both the employee and the employer because they're paying for both looking for a job and companies looking for employees

29.1.2. Specializing in Operations, human resources and procurement of resources Human Resources Replace the HR departments in companies bu efficiently Matching the right person to the right job Operations Providing resources in terms of labour to companies eliminates the frustration of finding an employee through online mass posting job sites website is open 24/7; open hours for easy accessibility Procurement of Resources Good matching history with previous companies Company has experience in hiring these people

29.1.3. Target market is not huge corporations: it's smaller companies or companies looking for unskilled, cheap and temporary labor.

29.2. Revenue Model

29.2.1. paying a fee to match employees ($) to companies ($)

29.2.2. More than just a job posting Will have description but need to pay more to contact the appropriate employer companies pay for postings on the site

29.2.3. low costs Few people to maintain the site; low cost of labour resources including customer service line no physical store

29.3. New node

30. Group 307: VanRealty

30.1. Value Proposition

30.1.1. Diverse Selection of Property Attracts the full demand

30.1.2. Always dominating the competitive brokers fee Customer pays the least

30.1.3. VanRealty APP View current houses for sale Deal of the day Easy accessibility To agents Prices Address Creating a profile Allowing VanRealty to cater to the customers personal needs Online auction bidding war

30.1.4. Free Appraisals To encourage sales

30.1.5. Lowest brokers fee in town (commission)

30.2. Revenue Model

30.2.1. (Price of property sold)(Brokers fee) = Revenue $1,000,000 House x 0.02 Brokers Fee = $20,000 Revenue Distributed among the company and the agent

31. Group 308: Good Food

31.1. Value Proposition

31.1.1. Support Activities Procurement of Resources Analyzing customer trends in having a good idea of what to order, (possible jit system?) where produce is delivered daily. Using SCM for better forecasting, measuring the weight of the produce which was sold, and talking to the supplier in ensuring the freshest produce is brought (Automated Communication). Trying to forecast demand and helping communicate with the suppliers, keeping information flowing Human Resource Management Training our staff members, in ensuring that they too are educated about the purpose of the organization, and helping them pass on the knowledge to our customers

31.1.2. Primary Activities Marketing and Sales Primary Activities. Marketing and Sales is our value proposition, educating our customers on the benefits of healthy living and giving them a complete shopping experience by helping them making positive choices. Ensures in helping with repeat customers Trying to create a community experience,almost local place and creating your identity. You are what you buy Educating our customers on the benefits of healthy living and giving them a complete shopping experience by helping them making positive choices. Helps in ensuring repeat customers Inbound Logistics Our value proposition is that we offer fresh food and we accomplish this by having a good logistics system as it is a perishable good we are selling. Involves the use of support activities to ensure that we are always having the freshest produce. Everything in terms of value chain is all inter-connected with each other in ensuring that our value proposition is met successfully to create a revenue model

31.2. Revenue Model

31.2.1. Sales Revenue.Selling people the food and the experience (part of our sales and marketing value proposition)We are selling the product (organic food) as well as the experience of the lifestyle (part of our value propositions)

32. Group 309 MoveIT

32.1. Value Proposition

32.1.1. Main focus is on Operations

32.1.2. Focus on availability (a moving truck will be available if booked a week in advance)

32.1.3. For this to happen, we need a good scheduling system that is efficient and dependable

32.1.4. Focus on quality of service (over quantity) - may have higher costs, but pricing is not our main focus supply speciality company boxes to customer in order to ensure that highest protection is available

32.2. revenue model

32.2.1. Sales based - service (pricing with base fee (depending on size of truck required) with per kilometer fee that will help charge distance)

33. Group 310

33.1. Value Proposition

33.1.1. INBOUND LOGISTICS: How we convince applicants and companies to come to us. INBOUND: Free for the customer means easier for them to get started, low commitment

33.1.2. OUTBOUND LOGISTICS: How we pair companies and applicants together, and thus provide value. OUTBOUND: Matching jobs to specific applicants from a vast network (supply chain) OUTBOUND: Low information lag because the online model allows instant updating. OUTBOUND: We provide the largest number of jobs available through our vast international network, and the most diversity in available qualified applicants

33.1.3. OPERATIONS: IT that allows us to deliver a strong and friendly user interface. Multiple file formats for import of resume, pdf, doc, etc Easier for companies to filter out the skills that the companies really want Aps allow regular interaction New node

33.1.4. Customer Service Trained help and webinars aid with building resumes and developing soft skills

33.2. Revenue Model

33.2.1. Advertising

33.2.2. Transaction Fee

33.2.3. Subscription fee (potential) To enhance the quality of the applicants

33.2.4. Commisions: A percentage of pay for work done.