Andrew Jackson: Nullification

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Andrew Jackson: Nullification by Mind Map: Andrew Jackson: Nullification

1. Between Who?

1.1. South Carolina

1.2. Fed. Government

2. Because of what?

2.1. South Carolina declared the federal tariffs were unconstitutional

2.1.1. Favored manufacturing over agriculture and commerce

2.1.2. Tariff power could be only used be used to generate revenue, not provide protection from foreign competition for US industries.

2.1.3. Protective system unjust and unequal in operation.

2.1.4. People of the state, or several states, had the power to veto any act of federal government which violated the constitution.

2.1.5. The power of veto was the essence of the Doctrine of Nullifaction.

2.2. Federal Troops

2.3. Caused by 1828 tariffs of abomination

2.4. South saw tariffs damaging their economy

2.4.1. higher price on goods imported

2.4.2. Higher price on goods exported

3. When? Where?

3.1. 1832

3.2. South Carolina

4. Result?

4.1. Protective Tariffs

4.2. Force Bill

4.2.1. Authorized use of military force against any state that resisted the tariff act and rejected the Nullification Doctrine.

5. Importance?

5.1. It made President Jackson a hero to nationalists, but southerners were made aware of their minority position and vulnerability to a Northern majority as long as they remained in the Union.

6. Definition of Nullification

6.1. Act of Nullifiying

6.1.1. Canceling

6.1.2. Making things null & Void

7. By: Taylor M, Jade, Keimanie, Joey, Kenya, Aarika, and Aanika.