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Essays by Mind Map: Essays

1. Example essay

1.1. Extreme sports

1.1.1. Extreeme sports are metter than other traditional sports More adrenaline Feel satisfaction natural drug You will have women Beeing famus You will get more oportunity to be better There is not a lot of demand as soccer You are your own spoonsor

2. Comparison and Contrast

2.1. Motocross and soccer

2.1.1. Motocross and soccer are not related and have a lot of diferences In motocross you use a motorcycle The motorcycle has an engine and the ball is flat The equipment is diferent In motocross you need a full covered body equipmente and in soccer you only need spikes. rules are diferent In motocros there are not rule and in soccer are a lot.

3. Classification essay

3.1. Types of music

3.1.1. There area lor of different types of music made for diferent styles and wiches Rock music express feelings Rock music is made to express feelings of people against the worl issues. Romantic music expreses feelings to women Romantic music is made to expres to women the feelings to them. Electronic music is for party This music is made for party every were you fill full with this music.