Powerful Lessons

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Powerful Lessons by Mind Map: Powerful Lessons

1. Active

1.1. flexibility requiring reflective thinking and decision making as events unfold during instruction.

1.1.1. Students were deciding how to use their video throughout the process of editting. They discussed how to best edit their product to be effective in their presentation.

1.1.2. The instructor allowed students to develop ideas, but provided guidance so the topics were more focused.

1.2. hands-on" and "minds-on

1.2.1. The classroom environment during the video was indicative of engaged students. The students were participating in different aspects of the projects, moving freely about the classroom, but on task.

2. Meaningful

2.1. emphasizes authentic activities and assessments

2.1.1. The use of project based learning promotes engagement and allows students to adjust to the assessment process in later grades (exhibition in grade eight).

2.2. centers on powerful ideas

2.2.1. Though the information the students were gathering were facts, the overall meaning and understanding of the topic are crucial for the students understanding of their past and the history of their state.

3. Challenging

3.1. Work productively with others

3.1.1. Students understood that in teamwork they must use each others strengths. Students helped each other understand use of technology, including working programs on the computers.

3.2. Challenged to come to grips with controverisal issues

3.2.1. Students discussed why their were fewer aboriginal peoples after the missions were created, as well as the living conditions for the aboriginal peoples in this area.

4. Values

4.1. Engages students in making decision

4.1.1. Students brainstormed at the beginning of the lesson to discuss what they wanted to know about the various missions. Students had direct influence on what they were going to research and present in the project.

4.2. Sensitivity to cultural similarities and differences.

4.2.1. There was a strong recognition of the diversity and cultural aspects of the missions, and how they impacted different groups. Students discussed at the end the ethical and controversial aspects of the missions

5. Integrative

5.1. Links past and present

5.1.1. Students discussed what the missions were like in the present time. They recognized the differences between life in the past and present, and how missions have changed over time.

5.2. Involves technology

5.2.1. Students had choice in the incorperation of techonology into their projects, different research techniques and presentation skills were explored by the groups.