Healthcare Information Technology

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Healthcare Information Technology by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technology

1. Stakeholders

1.1. integrated delivery networks

1.2. community stand alone hospitals

1.3. skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation hospitals

1.4. physician practicies

1.5. home health agencies

1.6. pharmacies

1.7. reference laboratories

1.8. third part payers

2. Practice Management

2.1. Helps manage different administrative and clinical aspects as well as centralizes various systems to run more efficiently

3. Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

3.1. replaced paper records by digitizing medical charting, making digital versions of charts and patient histories

3.1.1. alerts providers when patients are due for preventative procedures and screenings

3.1.2. helps physicians treat patients by looking at their history and comparing their health data against past entries

3.1.3. can only be viewed within one office

4. Electronic Health Record (EHR)

4.1. allow you to check a patient's history, diagnosis, treatments, medications, allergies, X-rays, test results, etc.

4.1.1. can share patient data with other EHRs if client goes to an emergency room they can be properly treated because difference physicians will have access to their information

5. Patient Portal

5.1. allows patients to view their EMR and EHR promoting transparency and accessibility

5.1.1. patient history

5.1.2. upcoming/past appointments

5.1.3. current/past medications

5.1.4. communication to providers themselves

6. Scheduling

6.1. patients are able to request dates/times to be seen by providers

6.1.1. secretary

6.1.2. by the client themselves using a patient portal

7. Medical Billing

7.1. submitting claims for patients to covered insurances

7.1.1. some patients may need to pay out of pocket

7.1.2. communication to insurance on what was performed

8. ePrescribing

8.1. sending prescriptions to pharmacies

8.1.1. typically faster than giving hard scripts safer especially when dealing with controllable substances helps in keeping record