US History ll Lessons Learned

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US History ll Lessons Learned by Mind Map: US History ll Lessons Learned

1. ***Civil Rights:*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

1.1. Holocaust when america does not respond to a violation of human rights that violation will grow worse

1.2. civil rights movement was when the blacks where segregated and discriminated by the whites

2. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

2.1. When there are new advancements in technology there will be effects on warfare

2.2. the JFK and Nixon was the first TV president debate

3. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

3.1. the African Americans moved up north from the south so they can do whatever they wanted

4. ***Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

4.1. Hoover Vs FDR

5. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

5.1. when the government try to make popular drugs illegal and lose control of sales and it leads to gangs and violence

5.1.1. New Deal: when the government try to fix the economy, it is very expensive and will increases debt

5.2. Great Society the government created large welfare programs and decreases taxes government debt will increase

6. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

6.1. WW1: forming Allies can draw the country into a broader conflict

6.2. WW1: when the US is involved in war affairs to a large extent, its is hard to be neutral if a major conflict breaks out

6.3. causes of WW2

6.4. pivotal battles of WW2

7. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

7.1. people started to take out to much credit in 1920

7.2. support and critics of the new deal and people bought stocks on credit and banks fail and people lose money if people decrees their spending then companies fail and then people lose jobs

7.2.1. debt when it is high and savings are low people will struggle during bad times

8. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

8.1. Blacks got beat up on purpose to get on TV to get public attention

9. Vietnam

9.1. The beginning of the war France had rule of Indochina in south east Asia it was a French colony. The Vietnamese rebelled against the French rule and they where led by Ho Chi Minh and thee U.S. supported him. Once Ho Chi Minh went to communism the U.S. stopped supporting him.

9.2. the Soldiers life there was a lot of Jungle in Vietnam and it was hot and rainy. There was a group of people called the Vietcong and they would attack the U.S. soldiers at night and the soldiers would never know who it was but they know it was the towns people. the North Vietnam led by Ho Chi Minh and they had bases underground which they would attack and run into and the U.S. soldiers never knew where they went. North Vietnam also used a trail called the Ho Chi Minh trail where they would use to transport their supplies into South Vietnam.

9.3. The End of the war was not that great. the U.S. bomb the north until they wanted to negotiate. he My Lai Massacre is where the U.S. troops killed 350 civilians out of anger. Nixon attacked in Cambodia and made the citizens not happy with him. 30000 men leave to Canada and 20000 deserted the army. 3 million that had fought in the war was middle or lower class and the average age of the war was 19 years old. the bombing increased and stated to release prisoner. We stated pulling troops out and POW's are released. The U.S was shocked they lost the war and Millions of people died in thee war.