2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards--Grades 6-8

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2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards--Grades 6-8 by Mind Map: 2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards--Grades 6-8

1. METS 6-8.CT.2

1.1. Students will evaluate available digital resources and select the most appropriate application to accomplish a specific task (e.g., word processor, table, outline, spreadsheet, presentation program.

1.1.1. With data collected while research the local homeless population, determine the best program for representing data to show the breakdown of demographics (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, or other program).

2. METS 6-8.CI.2

2.1. Students will create an original project (e.g., presentation, web page, newsletter, information brochure) using a variety of media (e.g., animations, graphs, charts, audio, graphics, video) to present content information to an audience.

2.1.1. Create a Powerpoint or video presentation reporting research about chosen topic. Students will incorporate video, pictures, charts, diagrams and music to enhance the information and overall message of the presentation.

3. METS 6-8.RI.4

3.1. Students will identify types of web sites based on their domain names (e.g., edu, com, org, gov, net).

3.1.1. While preparing students to research topicin class, discuss meaning, credibility, and purpose of each domain. Students must only utilize websites having appropriate domain names (use .edu, .gov rather than .com). Students must also be aware of sites misrepresenting themselves through domain names.

4. METS 6-8.CC.1

4.1. Students will use digital resources (e.g., discussion groups, blogs, podcasts, videoconferences, Moddle, Blackboard) to collaborate with peers, experts, and other audiences.

4.1.1. Submit draft of current writing assignment in Google docs for peers in class and teachers to read and provide feedback for improving writing (ideas, voice, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions).

5. METS 6-8.TC.2

5.1. Students will use a variety of tools (e.g., dictionary, thesaurus, grammar-checker, calculator to maximize the accuracy of technology-produced materials.

5.1.1. Hand in a final draft of writing assignment only after completing spelling and grammar check. To improve word choice, use the thesaurus on the word processing program to assist in discovery of stronger words.