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AC1.3 by Mind Map: AC1.3

1. Impact on society

1.1. Decriminalisation

1.2. Police spend less time and money trying to find the perpetrators

1.3. Offenders will still commit crimes

1.4. Areas can be labelled as a 'sink area'

1.4.1. Increase in poverty

1.4.2. People become apart of hate groups

1.5. Depopulation because people move away due to them feeling unsafe

1.6. People think that the police will do very little

1.7. Limits the deterrent aspect of the criminal justice system

2. The Ripple Effect

2.1. How an impact of crime can lead to other more extreme crimes

2.1.1. E.g Prostitution The parent has a child that they provide for using the money made from prostitution because they don't have skills for a job Child grows up around that environment and it becomes normalised Child doesn't get great education nor the skills to have a career Child eventually goes into prostitution

3. Local effects of unreported crime

3.1. Loss of community spirit

3.1.1. People keep to themselves to avoid trouble

3.2. Increase in poverty

3.2.1. Businesses close down which means less employment opportunities for the local community

3.3. Depopulation

3.3.1. People don't feel safe due to an increase in crime in the area

4. Social effects of unreported hate crime

4.1. Certain social groups are isolated from society

4.2. The certain social groups support each other in that group and distance themselves from people of another group

5. Cultural effects of under-reported crime

5.1. Crime and deviance are a social construction which means in one country, social a certain crime may not be a crime in another country

6. Case Study- Kristy Bamu

7. Decriminalisation

7.1. Laws are altered in punishment or legality of certain crime

7.2. Change in the law

8. Cultural change consequences

8.1. Broken window thesis

8.1.1. When anti-social behaviour occurs, E.g. a broken window,

8.1.2. Wilson and Kelling theory

8.1.3. Crime becomes a consequence naturally when there is a culture shift

8.1.4. When crime is normalised then people are more reluctant to report the crime