Online Concept Mapping

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Online Concept Mapping by Mind Map: Online Concept Mapping

1. Easy to create

1.1. Registration quick and painless

1.2. Basic is available at no charge

1.3. Easy to publish on blog or webpage

1.4. Can add links


2. Mind Mapping and Education

2.1. Graphic way to identify different parts of an issue

2.2. Graphic way to plan steps or consequences of an action

2.3. Increases memory and organization of thought

2.3.1. New node

2.3.2. New node

2.4. Appeals to visually oriented learners.

3. Real Time Collaboration

3.1. Global brainstorming sessions

3.2. Can work on same mind map simultaneously

3.3. Workers can see each other's chages in real time, as they happen