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iPod Sync Problem by Mind Map: iPod Sync Problem
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iPod Sync Problem

the stuff

60GB - problem with old pod, now have new - same problem

iTunes 8.01

Leopard 10.5.5

the problem

plug in to synch

iTunes connects

begins sync

stuck on first file

eventually ejects iPod

The iPod <NAME> cannot be synced. The required disk cannot be found.

The iPod <NAME> cannot be synced. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation.

Disk on iPod continues to spin. Do not disconnect on display.

Must perform hard reset to gain access to iPod

Attempting to copy to the disk <name> failed. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation. iTunes could not save to your Music Folder because you do not have write access. Check the permissions on your Music Folder and folders in your Music Folder, then try copying this file again.

Device you removed was not properly put away. Data might have been lost or damaged. (etc. use eject)

fixes tried without success

syncing via different USB ports

creating new user account

update iTunes/iPod (both already updated)

repair permissions

check permission on my music folder and subfolders

set to read / write

remove iPhoto cache

don't have any to delete (or that I could find)

not really using iPhoto for much

moved iTunes to trash / downloaded new iTunes / reinstalled

tried different USB cables

the solution

changed permissions for iTunes library

was set to Read/Write for me (main user)

In finder: User / Music / iTune

iTunes Library

iTunes Music Library.xml

Get Info

Set permissions for Staff and Everyone to Read and Write