Pre-Histiory of Mongolia

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Pre-Histiory of Mongolia by Mind Map: Pre-Histiory of Mongolia

1. What is Pre-Historic

1.1. Pre-Historic is the period that began with the appearance of the human being, about the human being over 6,000 years ago years ago.

2. Metal Age

2.1. Copper

2.1.1. Ancient humans first used copper before using bronze and iron since it was easily accessible. In world history there is a brief period belongs to Eneolithic era. Prehistoric Mongols also passed through this time. You can find many artifacts related to this period from Mania, Umune-Gobi.

2.2. Bronze

2.2.1. Resent Archeological studies done in central Mongolia scientists found ancient bronze helmets, two people shaped bronze mirror, bronze and bone sharp objects.

2.3. Iron

2.3.1. Although Mongolians have great number of studies done in prehistoric humans, the Prehistoric Sites in Mongolia is one of the least studied places in the world. Only recently people around the world have been exploring these facts and doing some scientific studies.

3. Stone Age

3.1. Palaeolithic

3.1.1. Population human spread to East Africa to the eastwards into the central Asia some 40 millennium ago. Mongolia has rich collection of sites related to this era. The most studied once are Orhon at Harhorin, Uvur-Hangai, Argalant and Orog Nuur at Bogd, Bayan-Hongor, and Hoid Tsenheriin Agyi at Manhan, Hovd.

3.2. Mesolithic

3.2.1. The Middle-Stone-Age was the beginning of our current earth life. All prehistoric animal have died, rain deers migrated to north, many animals and humans migrated to south. Around that time Humans from Central Asia also migrated to North and South America.

3.3. Neolithic

3.3.1. In Neolithic era people become more and more settled. People from this time learned to use clay pots, planting wheat and making more fine stone tools.