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Mobility by Mind Map: Mobility

1. The evolution of mobility

1.1. Mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely and easily

1.2. Mobility is at skate in an interconnected world ! The following Ted'talk video deals with the future of mobility (2050 and beyond)

1.3. Mobility is also the ability to move between different levels in society or employment.

2. Psychology

2.1. In 2010, Stuart C. Carr wrote a book name "The Psychology of mobility"

2.2. The gap is widening between the richest and the squeezed middle class => consequences on health


2.2.2. Negative impact on sociol well-being

3. Cinematography

3.1. Definition : Mobility in cinema refers to the digitization of the cinematic experience.

3.2. Our social and cultural experience of watching movies has been irreversibly transformed by television and streaming.

3.3. A new trend : watching films just for the sake of watching them, rather than to be immersed (≠ cinema experience. Ex : small screen)

3.3.1. Example: Netflix, Amazon Prime …

4. Linguistics

4.1. What is the role played by language in the conceptualisation and regulation of belonging in contexts of migration and global movement? Listen to this podcast to grasp the stales

4.2. Today people tend to speak several languages thanks to globalization : there is a real globalization of languages.

4.3. Language can be used to unite people. That's why according to Tsedal Neeley, professor at Harvard, we should threat language and culture differently.

5. Sociology

5.1. Here's are the different king of mobility in sociology

5.1.1. Horizontal and vertical mobility

5.1.2. Absolute and relative mobility

5.1.3. Intra generational and inter generational mobility Ex: Anderson Paradox

5.1.4. Structural and individual mobility

5.2. There is a sociological approach to study mobility. Does this approach has a future ?

6. Geography

6.1. Definition: Geography mobility is the measure of how populations and goods move over the time

6.2. We're facing a "new mobility ecosystem" because the way people and goods moved from point A to point B has changed !

6.3. Geography mobility does matter !