Evolution Timeline Testing

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Evolution Timeline Testing by Mind Map: Evolution Timeline Testing

1. Survey

1.1. Does the user feel that this tool could inspire him/her to come up with something new?

1.2. Did the user have any ideas of how a particular genre could develop after using the tool?

1.2.1. If so, what?

1.3. Does user better understand the evolution of dance music by using the tool?

1.4. Do the links between genres seem apparent?

2. Experiment

2.1. Develop New Genres

2.1.1. Fusion

2.2. Do the survey results back up my experimentation?

3. Double Blind Controls

3.1. Use an independant moderator to run the tests

3.2. Ensure consistency throughout the test

3.3. Ask Users questions before and after using tool to oberve whether using the toll made a difference

3.3.1. How does the user rate their understanding of the evolution of dance music?

3.3.2. What level of producer would the user rate themself as?

3.3.3. Does the user often have ideas for new styles?

4. Panel of experts

4.1. Does my experimentation show genre development or original concept?