Mosh Pit Memoirs

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Mosh Pit Memoirs by Mind Map: Mosh Pit Memoirs

1. Baseline

1.1. They are chaos

1.2. No comfort

1.3. Collaborative

2. Dante Murphy

2.1. @dantemurphy

2.2. #scripted_chaos

2.3. Background

2.3.1. It's hard to do a mosh pit by yourself

2.3.2. Tell stories

2.3.3. It was 1992 in London

2.3.4. I'm not British

2.3.5. Saw Fugazi in New York

2.3.6. Did Moshin'

3. Warm up

3.1. invite to mosh

3.2. How many people are smart?

3.3. Go shake hands

3.4. Sit with new friends

3.5. You are now smarter

4. I don't stand still alot

4.1. standing makes me uncomfortable

4.2. invested energy in making myself comfy

4.3. not towards invigorating the performance

4.4. make sure people are comfortable

5. Crowdsurfing is impossible by itself

5.1. hand on shoulder == help me up brother

5.2. I became fully engaged

5.3. But I didn't feel confident

5.4. Don't be the jerk who jumps on top of someone

6. We must give people the context so they can contribute

7. We must include people

7.1. A small interdisciplinary group

7.2. boss was self deprencial

7.3. Experience is important

7.4. expertise provides context

7.4.1. narrow vision

7.5. The clash includes the audience in the show

7.5.1. Tear down chairs

7.5.2. to stand on stage and play louder

7.5.3. and sloppier

7.5.4. doesn't improve the experience

8. Anticipation

8.1. bring the stuff you're going to need

8.2. bring stuff

8.3. Be prepared for what may happen

8.4. imagine what could happen

8.4.1. Fishbone climbed a tree

8.5. Experiment with things

8.6. evaluate what happened.

8.6.1. Do we need to do something different?

8.6.2. if you know who it affects you can make good changes

9. Principles

9.1. pogo turns into bumping into people turn into beating people up

9.2. We have organizational principles

9.3. and personal principles

9.4. accountability

9.4.1. for things we screw up

9.4.2. and do right

9.5. Nurturing

9.5.1. don't just not hurt someone

9.5.2. pick them up

9.5.3. Notions are between unknowns and ideas

9.5.4. nurture them

9.5.5. share them

9.6. Sharing

9.6.1. Do it in a constructive way

9.7. self determination

10. Awareness

10.1. understand how people are likely to behave

10.2. make it possible for people to contribute in a positive way

10.3. Engagement

10.3.1. Can be positive

10.3.2. can have drawbacks

10.4. Environment

10.4.1. What is it people want in this environment

10.4.2. What are their emotions?

10.5. Emotions

10.6. Actions

10.6.1. Observe actions instead of assuming they'll do what we expect

10.6.2. New node

11. Respect

11.1. Boundaries

11.2. values

11.2.1. security folks don't want mosh pits

11.2.2. go out to the concourse to do the mosh pit there

11.2.3. Think about everyones values, not just yours

11.3. ideas

11.3.1. the currency of collaboration

11.3.2. it don't matter how many ideas you have if you don't spend it

11.4. goals

11.4.1. What does everyone want?

11.4.2. go back to your sheet of paper and write the different peoples goals

12. Humility

12.1. don't let what you want to achieve

12.2. get in the way of what your group can achieve

12.3. momentum

12.4. correction

12.4.1. floor justice. Let people fall

12.4.2. it may be innappropriate to do floor justice

12.4.3. align peoples personalities with ideas that are worth pursuing

12.5. collectivisim

12.5.1. i'm a communist ;)

12.6. New node

13. Irreverence

13.1. Indie rock pop songs

13.2. indignation

13.2.1. there is no kind of music,

13.2.2. it's about the people and the energy

13.3. interpretation

13.3.1. the way you say these guys are ok

13.3.2. can be interpreted as insulting

13.3.3. defy artificial constraints

13.4. inspiration

13.5. innovation

13.5.1. break down walls that say you can't do that.

13.5.2. negation: think about how to make something really really awful

13.5.3. think about irreverent responses

14. Contact

14.1. not unique to moshing

14.2. dance is contact

14.3. intent

14.3.1. judge peoples intent when they take actions

14.3.2. if you get emotional, put the keyboard down

14.4. energy

14.4.1. sometimes the grammas really rock it

14.5. activity

14.5.1. What we are doing must be positive and safe

14.5.2. but the actiity must give it life

14.6. entropy

14.6.1. you can tell who the professional in the mosh pit is

14.6.2. you hit everyone in the room as hard as they wanted to be hit

14.7. gogamestorming!

14.7.1. establish boundaries to know the field of play

14.7.2. moshing has boundaries

15. vision

15.1. tangible

15.1.1. I want a picture can I borrow your camera?

15.1.2. put everyone on stage

15.2. memorable

15.3. extensible

15.4. meaningful

15.4.1. we want to create meaningful innovation that can't happen in any other way

16. encore

16.1. write one of the concepts on a piece of paper