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Western Philosophy by Mind Map: Western Philosophy
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Western Philosophy

Being and Reality

The Allegory of the Cave - Plato

Metaphysics, Old and New - Immanuel Kant

Nothing Outside the Mind - George Berkeley

Simulacra and Simulation - Jean Baudrillard

Mind and Body

The Problem of Other Minds - John Stuart Hill

The Immortal Soul - Plato

The Myth of the "Ghost in the Machine" - Gilbert Ryle

Knowledge and Certainty

Experience and Understanding - Immanuel Kant

Scepticism versus Human Nature - David Hume

Knowledge versus Opinion - Plato

The Self and Freedom

Selfhood and Narrative Understanding - Charles Taylor

Condemned to be Free - Jean-Paul Sartre

Absolute Determinism - Pierre Simon de Laplace

Beauty and Art

Art as Imitation - Plato

The Concept of the Beautiful - Immanuel Kant

The Two Faces of Art - Friedrich Nietzsche

Language and Meaning

The Meaning of Words - Plato

Abstract General Ideas - John Locke

Language, Reason and Animal Utterance - René Descartes