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Space by Mind Map: Space

1. A trip to mars

1.1. Things i have to learn before i go

2. Satellites

2.1. How many satellites are they in the atmosphere right now?

2.2. When was the first satellite invented?

3. Space agencies

3.1. Major space agencies

4. International Space Station

4.1. How big is it?

4.2. What agencies are involved?

4.3. Which countries are involved?

4.3.1. Their Names

4.4. Is ISS worth the cost?

5. Telescopes

5.1. Types of telescopes

5.2. Which is the clearst telescope?

5.2.1. when was it invented?

5.3. How are they designed?

5.4. Differences between telescopes


6.1. When was it formed?

6.2. Missions of NASA

6.3. Different jobs