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Condensation by Mind Map: Condensation

1. Appearence

1.1. A darker surface or surface that isn't glass could potentially make look cleaner

1.1.1. Tiles

2. Steam

2.1. Excess steam is what causes condensation. Trying to remove steam and moisture would help prevent condensation.

2.1.1. Fan in the glass

2.1.2. Dehumidifier/ moisture eliminator

3. Cold surface

3.1. Warm surfaces would prevent condensation. (Steam would not hit off cold surface)

3.1.1. Heat conductive material

3.1.2. Heated glass

4. Cleaning difficulties

4.1. If the problem cannot be erased completely, the cleaning experience can be made easier and help relieve or eliminate the 'symptoms'of the problem. (back pain, discomfort)

4.1.1. Attachable gadget cleaner for shower glass

4.1.2. Adjustable shower cleaner with stick that can reach difficult places when cleaning

4.1.3. Automatic cleaning setting when shower is turned off

4.1.4. Freelance A.I. cleaner

4.1.5. Spray that removes condensation