Robert Trappl

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Robert Trappl by Mind Map: Robert Trappl

1. We have a reverse pyramid of people

1.1. old people become fragile

1.1.1. they need help

1.2. Austria imports caretakers from other countries

1.2.1. lower wages paid

1.3. How can we help people getting older?

1.3.1. robots who help people stay in their homes and be happy there

1.4. Siri could change the opinion of people

2. We improve robots

2.1. we improve their "brains"

2.1.1. currently an initiative from the EU community

2.1.2. Human Brain Project

2.1.3. neurorobotics

2.2. Love and sex with robots

2.2.1. David Levy

3. Where do we go now?

3.1. Developing smart robots

3.1.1. maybe another 50-100 years they may be as smart as we are

3.2. Life like in paradise

4. Legend

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5. Are we sheep when we dream of electric androids?

5.1. Why are you doing AI?

5.1.1. I want to compensate for my natural stupidity

5.2. Reasoning

5.2.1. learning but we're missing something mid 1990's

5.3. is a person emotionally reactive?

5.3.1. show a film of an eyeball being removed

5.3.2. those that are not emotional, are not good decision makers

5.4. emotions and rational should go together?

5.4.1. what is the emotional state of a person

5.4.2. process it

5.4.3. show emotions

5.5. we are missing a model of personality

5.5.1. can you model personality?

5.6. BDI Model

5.6.1. Beliefs

5.6.2. Desires

5.6.3. Intentions

6. If you build personalities, those personalities will interact with other personalities

6.1. social engagements with robots and agents

6.1.1. emotional software agents

6.1.2. trust building

6.1.3. turntating group conversations when you are the speaker Knowing when and at what time to take the attention of others

6.2. robots should be partners in a factory - they have to have the above capabilities

6.2.1. Knowledge

6.2.2. Learning ability

6.2.3. social aspects

6.2.4. emotions to understand that their partner is upset don't ask him silly questions