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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. Ways to get electricity

1.1. Batteries

1.2. Burning fossil fuels

1.3. Nuclear

2. What affects the brightness and battery life?

2.1. Bulbs in series

2.1.1. Less bright then bulbs in parallel

2.2. Bulbs in parallel

2.2.1. More bright than bulbs in series

2.3. Batteries in parallel

2.3.1. Lasts longer(than in series), Brightness is the same as one battery

2.4. Batteries in series

2.4.1. Lasts shorter, brightness is brighter.(than in parallel)

3. Uses of electricity

3.1. Enable lightbulbs to light up

3.2. Light up houses

3.3. Enables fans to run

3.4. Enables air con to run

3.5. AKA enable electrical appliances to work