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Priorities by Mind Map: Priorities
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remove wallpaper

finish cleaning office desk

button up for winter

fan on vent

Cover broken windows?

Get curtains for Florida Rm

do at least some work on basement organization


finish grad school application

complete application, write purpose paper

Send for transcripts

sign up for classes, order books

Keep practicing speedreading





Where is it going to be?

If here, then, menu, others to bring, disposable dishes?

Dec 9 Toastmaster party


When is Ryan and fam coming?

vehicle for family light trip, Rent?, friend?

Clean & Decorate, plan decorating, shop cheap, figure out where everyone is going to sleep, plan menu, shop

Gifts, Order adult children gift, buy grandchildren gifts

send cards, write Christmas letter, photo?

Prof Portrait, Call Paul about scheduling, select dress code, communicate date, time and dress code to all, Make list of people to be in portrait


keep sending resumes

Call temp agency weekly

research local student affairs associations in area

attend Fri conference in Dayton


review PR publications

confirm placed ads are running

send emails to all members asking for suggestions

Meetings prep

Read up on Evaluator role before next meeting 2 wks

add meeting jobs/speeches to my phone/outlook schedule

Write speech for 2nd week Jan

Small group

hosting Wed meetings in Dec

reservations-Bravo's Dec 17 for party

prep snacks and house for 1st and 2nd wk meetings here




pay bills

touch base with tenants and make sure all's well at apt


Rob and Travis this week

Christina next week

give her key

get rice maker ready! Sushi!!

ask her what ingredients?

what day is she working Elizabeth's car, send Elizabeth email to get Christina a little thank you gift before she leaves

Special Events

Friday Concert

make sure we have cash for entry

Next Mon

New node

Sewing Class


setup time

prep house day before

get supplies together

prep class skills order

practice skills

gather materials

send email to women about materials to bring



Thurs Dec4 11am - Accountemps

My Geistesblitzes

best book on mind mapping? any recommendations?