Online English communication Apps/Webs

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Online English communication Apps/Webs by Mind Map: Online English communication Apps/Webs

1. Sample

1.1. Cambly

1.1.1. Simple

1.1.2. Friendly

1.1.3. Tutors available 24/7 Specialized in Business English Grammar Pronunciation IELTS Prep

1.2. ABA English

1.2.1. Share a finished level on linkedIn

1.2.2. Template ABA film Real-life situation Speak Lặp lại theo sub Write Listen & write Interpret Đóng vai 1 người trong conversation Video class Slides Structure + Example Exercises Interactive Exercises Vocab Listen & repeat to compare Assessment

1.3. Babbel

1.3.1. in-depth courses

1.3.2. Huge data resource Several thousands Words Phrases idioms sample dialogues Full course catalogue Listen & Speak Writing Grammar Countries + traditions Specials Explore freely

1.3.3. Dialogues Natural, funny quickly switch over to informal speech

1.3.4. Grammar use grammatical structures in contexts Translation Repeat

1.3.5. Beautiful photos!

1.3.6. Service able to contact inside app

1.3.7. Review manager phrases entire expression 1. simple flashcards 2. test spelling 3 Writing

1.4. Nativox

1.4.1. Visualize the intonation patterns

1.4.2. 4 steps Listen Video Visualize intonation patterns Record Test Listen your records & compare Target: >70% Translate

1.5. Andy English

1.5.1. Focus on Chat

1.5.2. UI/UX Simple Familiar~messenger/messages

1.5.3. Tương tự app Speak-practice your English Feedback on every word Wide range of scenarios

1.6. Learn English with videos

1.6.1. Focus on videos

1.6.2. Interactive videos touch to explain Instant feedback on pronunciation

1.6.3. Offline option

1.6.4. Tương tự FluentU Real-world videos Music videos TV Shows News

2. What makes them good?

2.1. Localization

2.1.1. Multi-languages

2.1.2. Date & TIme

2.1.3. Prices

2.2. Contents

2.2.1. Focus on interactive contents Grammar Vocab Communication Exercises

2.3. Connections

2.3.1. Stable

2.3.2. Work offline

2.3.3. Allows slow connections

2.4. Function

2.4.1. NOT multi-functional

2.4.2. Focus on 1-2 features

2.5. UI/UX

2.5.1. Simplicity Few words Graphical cues Audio/voice support Tappable, browsable interfaces

2.5.2. Clear, intuitive

2.5.3. Highly compatibe Smartphones Tablets OS iOS Android Web

2.5.4. Smooth, stable

2.5.5. Separate from network connection

2.6. Optimization

2.6.1. Less memory usage

2.6.2. Consume less data

2.6.3. Not drain battery

2.7. App Services

2.7.1. Regularly updated

2.7.2. Support Email Users' community

2.8. Timing