Multimedia Design

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Multimedia Design by Mind Map: Multimedia Design

1. Audience

1.1. Divided attention participants

1.2. Low motivation participants

1.3. Promoter participants

1.4. Unengaged participants

2. Goals

2.1. Improve accessibility of content

2.2. Strengthen learning of material

2.3. Improve engagement trends within a path and across paths

2.4. Personalize content based on what's effective to an interactor

3. Affordances: What the mobile environment asks us to take advantage of when delivering content

3.1. Procedural

3.1.1. app as companion delivers accessible experience in delightful formats opportunities to engage reciprocal dialogue delivers content at intentional moments of opportunity

3.1.2. encourages agency supports ability to craft own journey

3.1.3. gateway to fresh content trending topics relevant to individual's progress in health journey supportive of organizational goals

3.2. Spatial

3.2.1. motion animations coach in pocket other pocket artifacts?

3.2.2. immersive interactivity games interactive articles simulations

3.3. Participatory

3.3.1. create tangible artifacts for reciprocal exchange and dialogue

3.4. Encyclopedic

3.4.1. can understand and store more information about an individuals' goals and behaviors

3.4.2. can store, sort and filter databases of content for delivery float recommended content potential ability for individuals to "build their own path"

4. Experiences

4.1. Content types

4.1.1. Lifestyle/coaching

4.1.2. Clinical

4.1.3. Information

4.2. App as companion

4.2.1. On-the-go Entertainment Live Action Interactives Animations Information Articles/Feeds Data reports Surveys Hands free Information Podcasts