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Shadrach Kabango: Bearings by Mind Map: Shadrach Kabango:  Bearings
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Shadrach Kabango: Bearings


rapper (music industry)

3 albums

MA Liberal Studies

talking about the music industry

hard to prepare for

first CD in 2005

Facebookwasn't a great social media at that time (2005)

how to prepare for it

last album was called two album "bearings"

love for music

versatile in music taste

music itself is important to him

stay a fan first! protect the love of what you do.

watch music videos and dance around

Where he's from

lived in London, Ontario

originally from Rwanda

bears weight on direction of album

spiritual and mystical towards life

reflect "where I'm at"

helps stay grounded

makes him present. in the moment.

where I wanna be

"who I wanna be helps order my steps in" >>

grateful for where he is

his life and the place he lives is used for inspiration