Extinction of mankind.

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Extinction of mankind. by Mind Map: Extinction of mankind.

1. Social Chaos

1.1. War of different minds

1.2. Hate Propaganda

1.3. Gangstastyle and Clans

1.4. Idiotity caused by capitalism (adds, jingles and permanent manipulation of the customer)

2. Man or women destroys planet earth by pushing some button in a defencestation.

2.1. National paranoia

2.2. Absolute controll by the goverment

2.3. no privacy for civil people

2.4. An other cold war

3. decresing health all over the world

3.1. having unsafe sex

3.2. get struck by incest because of lack of fresh genes inside of a group (clans,gangs,churches,...)

3.3. The human race degenerates its bodies caused by the lack of movement and adipositas durning generations

3.4. New node