My Thesis MindMap

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My Thesis MindMap by Mind Map: My Thesis MindMap

1. HOW

1.1. How to measure management tools (like BSC) implementation in practice?

1.2. How fast BSC affects in everyday tasks under the management level

1.3. How innovations can be managed in organizations most efficiently and implemented in business logics

2. GAP

2.1. Is there a gap between theory and actual management in company

2.2. How well theory can be implemented in organizations managemnet

2.3. What practices are best in implementation: rules from top management VS guided learning from organization


3.1. How well organizations vision, values and strategy is working in practice


4.1. Measuring?

5. EXTRA INFO for myself:

5.1. BSC suitability in knowledge intense oriented organization

5.1.1. Research question What is BSC and is it suitable for measuring the organization performance and strategic management in case organization?