Netspeak - Gaming

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Netspeak - Gaming by Mind Map: Netspeak  - Gaming

1. Computer-mediated communication

1.1. What is CMC

1.2. What types of CMC exist?

1.2.1. synchronous What is synchronous CMC in-game voice voice over ip software Teamspeak Mumble others

1.2.2. asynchronous What is asynchronous CMC in-game chat Steam chat instant messaging services (e.g. xfire)

2. Gamer Speak


2.2. Morphology

2.2.1. Neologism

2.2.2. Blending "PKing" (Player Killing) "Aimbot" (Aiming Bot)

2.2.3. Borrowing Loan words " "Kindergarten" "uber"

2.2.4. Abbreviations Acronyms Expressing emotion/opinions stating facts gaming-related terms Initialism gaming-related terms expressing emotion/opinion stating facts WTF is that? BRB WTF HF (Have Fun) TBH FYI

2.2.5. Clipping

2.3. Internet Jargon

2.3.1. "Leet speak"