Own the Day, Own Your Life - By Aubrey Marcus

This is a summary of the book „Own the Day, Own Your Life“ by Aubrey Marcus and gives advice on optimized practices for waking, working, learning, eating, training, playing, sleeping and sex.

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Own the Day, Own Your Life - By Aubrey Marcus by Mind Map: Own the Day, Own Your Life - By Aubrey Marcus


1.1. Studies show that napping improves cognitive and motor performance

1.1.1. They improve reaction times, logical reasoning and even your immune system

1.2. Some modern companies even encourage employees to take a short power nap during their work day

1.2.1. e.g. Google, Uber


2.1. Regular exercise is almost a miracle drug

2.1.1. Relieves stress

2.1.2. Strengthens muscles

2.1.3. Increases longevity

2.1.4. Fights depression

2.1.5. Improves sleep

2.2. Make exercise a long-term, sustainable habit

2.2.1. Target your overall health, not just one muscle group

2.2.2. People are attracted to healthy people, so if you need motivation, rest assured that this will also affect your sexappeal

3. SEX

3.1. Regular sex is good for your well-being

3.1.1. Fights depression

3.1.2. Combats the aging process

3.1.3. Increases prostate health

3.1.4. Enhances wound healing

3.1.5. Raises pain tolerance

3.2. Ignite your sex drive by boosting testosterone levels

3.2.1. The hormone is found in both male and female bodies, but decreases as we get older

3.2.2. Eating healthy fats can increase testosterone levels Nuts Avocados etc.


4.1. Title

4.1.1. Own the Day, Own Your Life

4.1.2. Optimized Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping and Sex

4.2. Published

4.2.1. Harper Wave

4.2.2. April 2018

4.3. Author

4.3.1. Aubrey Marcus Founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. The Aubrey Marcus Podcast @aubreymarcus

4.4. Get it on Amazon


5.1. Water, Light, Movement

5.2. When you first wake up in the morning, drink WATER, not COFFEE

5.2.1. Your body becomes dehydrated during sleep, so the first thing you should do is rehydrate it.

5.2.2. Ideally, drink water with fresh lemon and a pinch of salt This also provides essential nutrients and minerals such as potassium, calcium and zinc

5.3. For breakfast, stay away from simple carbohydrates

5.3.1. The typical American breakfast has little fiber and lots of refined sugar

5.3.2. Simple carbohydrates raise the sugar level in your blood

5.3.3. This causes your digestive system to release the hormone insulin

5.3.4. When insulin gets into your blood stream, you become irritable and lethargic

5.3.5. In the long run, this can cause serious health problems e.g. cardiovascular disease e.g. diabetes


6.1. Our modern food isn't as nutritious as that of our ancestors

6.2. Supplements can help

6.2.1. e.g. Vitamin D

6.2.2. Most of us don't get enough sun, so we're often vitamin D deficient