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Zeus by Mind Map: Zeus
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Daughter of Zeus and Metis (goddess of wisdom) Goddess of wisdom and war Her birth was an important story because of its unusal nature Her mother metis and her father zeus  


brother of zeus god of horses, sea, and earthquakes the story of when odeseous hurt posiden's son and posiden punished him for it zeus, his wife amphrite, his son triton, thesus


Either th e daughter of Zeus and Dione or born from Uranus' genitals that were cut from him by Kronus Goddes of love and beauty The story of the golden apple Her husband Hephestus  


brother of Zeus god of the underworld and wealth the story of persehone kronus, persephone, zeus


Son of Zeus Zeus's messenger God of travelers, merchants, theives, and jack of all trades The story of his birth was important


zeus's son god of healing, sun, music, and phrocecy killing the python artemis, leto, zeus