The Year of Dressing Formally

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The Year of Dressing Formally by Mind Map: The Year of Dressing Formally

1. Turns

1.1. A change in his clothing made bigger demands for a change in his lifestyle.

1.2. His new dress was taken for humor during administrative meetings.

2. Organization

2.1. Starts of by needing a new wardrobe because the author lost weight.

2.2. Consultation of books to find the right wardrobe for him.

2.3. The transition to wardrobe as both good and bad aspects. The Good: his student are better. The Bad: He becomes bit of a joke.

2.4. After that year he settled in between business causal and business formal. And could adjust his wardrobe throughtout the day if needed.

3. Thesis

3.1. "I want my students to grow up. And what better way to achieve that than by seeming to grow up myself?"

3.2. "Learn how to build a classic wardrobe that will last for decades with simple upkeep and minor updates"

4. Supporting Points

4.1. A higher level of formality improved his students' learning.

4.2. Fewer disruptions, talking, grade appeals, and more emphasis on a students dress.

4.3. A softness in his appearance in his office helped students open up more.

4.4. Pressure on his institution to raise the bar of formality when he raised it for himself.

5. Point being made/ Thesis: A person's wardrobe should be based on their age, rank, and the nature of the task at hand.