Planning an Off-site activity

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Planning an Off-site activity by Mind Map: Planning an Off-site activity

1. Step #2: Do the paperwork

1.1. 1) Determine whether the site has a Master Agreement with the CBE

1.1.1. List of sites with Master Agreement is on Staff Insite

1.1.2. If there is a Master Agreement, fill in and have signed the Service Request form (found on Staff Insite)

1.2. 2) Book transportation

1.2.1. If booking with Southland, email Tabetha Barrie at [email protected] Date of trip Pick up and Drop off locations Times of pick ups Number of students (specify 2 per seat) Number of adults per bus

1.2.2. See the Approved Carrier List on Staff Insite

1.3. 3) Write an information letter to Parents

1.3.1. State the purpose of the trip

1.3.2. Date and time of the trip

1.3.3. Cost and cost breakdown Payments can be made by cash/cheque, online, or at the office by Debit/Credit

1.3.4. Modes of transportation

1.3.5. Admin must sign letter

1.3.6. Attach Acknowledgment of Risk - Consent of Parent form

1.3.7. Request for volunteers Prepare Acknowledgement of Risk - Consent of Volunteer form to be completed by volunteers prior to departure Ensure volunteers have current Security Clearance

1.4. 4) Prepare the proposal

1.4.1. Should be completed by the Teacher -in- Charge and shared with the teacher supervisors

1.4.2. "A" trip proposals can now be done online on Staff Insite

1.4.3. Refer to the Off-site Activities Procedure Manual for information regarding risks, restricted activities, emergency procedures, etc Found on Staff Insite and in the Office

1.4.4. Mind the timeline "A" Trip: must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to departure. "B" Trip: must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to departure. "B2" Trip: must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to departure "C" Trip: must be submitted a minimum of three months prior to departure.

1.5. 5) Accounting

1.5.1. Communicate with the school bookkeeper Classes/students who are participating Set up the online payment option

1.5.2. Complete the green cheque requisition form

2. Step #1: Select the activity

2.1. 1) Identify an Off-site Activity

2.1.1. Who is "T-I-C"?

2.1.2. is it an "A", "B", "B2", or "C" trip? “A” Those off-site activities which take place within the City of Calgary “B1”  An off-site activity outside the City of Calgary but within Alberta and is on the list of off-site activities designated by Off-Site Activities (includes Athletics). “B2”  An off-site activity outside the city of Calgary and the Calgary region but within Alberta and is not on the B1 list of off-site activities designated by Off-Site Activities “C” An off-site activity outside Alberta but within Canada

2.1.3. Is the potential for cross-curricular outcomes?

2.1.4. Does it have educational value?

2.2. 2) Decide upon a date based on site availability.

2.2.1. Check D2L: Does this day fit the school calendar?

2.2.2. Are multiple days required/available for all classes in your grade to attend?

2.3. 3) Calculate the cost

2.3.1. Include site fee

2.3.2. Include transportation fee (about $200 per bus for 60 students)

2.3.3. Is this affordable for families? Consider other trips this grade has done

2.3.4. Is this affordable for the school? Consider sub costs

2.4. 4) Discuss trip with Admin

2.4.1. Prior to booking

2.4.2. Present all information

3. Step #3: Before you go...

3.1. 1) Ensure that all volunteers have their CBE Security Clearance

3.1.1. Anyone in the office can check these for you.

3.2. 2) Complete the Offsite Information found on D2L

3.2.1. Submit to office with attendance prior to leaving

3.3. 3) Arrange for coverage

3.3.1. For internal coverage, first check the master schedule for available teachers If only only a few classes need to be covered, arrange for internal coverage.

3.3.2. Book only one sub, if possible, to cover for the teachers who are on the trip.

3.3.3. Ensure there is a clear schedule for coverage provided to the office

3.4. 4) Check your paperwork

3.4.1. Ensure all Acknowledgment of Risk forms have been returned (Student and Volunteer) Those who have not returned their form must remain at school. Arrange work and supervision for them.

4. Step #4: Follow up

4.1. 1) Review the purpose

4.1.1. Did this activity have educational value?

4.1.2. Did the students benefit academically and/or personally?

4.1.3. Would you do this activity again next year?

4.2. 2) Paperwork and money

4.2.1. Organize and hand-in all paperwork in to the office to be filed

4.2.2. Make sure all fees collected have been deposited and accounted for