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Sherlock Holmes Review by Mind Map: Sherlock Holmes Review
0.0 stars - reviews range from 0 to 5

Sherlock Holmes Review

Production titles fit in with period drama style.

Straight foward fast tracking shot.

Looks smooth and clean, also gains speed

Gives feeling that a chase is about to happen.

Dark lighting

Dingy colours

Untidy london city

Voice over

Slow motion showing and explaining what the main character will do next.

Extreme low angles.

This implys the main characters interlectual power.


The music sounds old fashioned and uneven (plinky plonky).

Fits location and time period.

Speeds up, makes scene more dramatic.

Sound Effects


Narrative Hooks

Ask questions like.....

The first 2 mins shocks the audience, to draw them in.

For big, we could consider using a different time period i.e. past, future.