Googl Apps APIs talk, GDD

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Googl Apps APIs talk, GDD by Mind Map: Googl Apps APIs talk, GDD

1. Gdata

1.1. Partial gets and sets

1.2. Batch operations

2. Challenges

2.1. Many adjunct specs

2.2. Xml

2.3. Client library out of date

3. New API stack

3.1. OAuth

3.2. Multiple data firmat

3.2.1. XML

3.2.2. Json

3.2.3. ...

3.3. Https

3.4. All API's will sit on this common API infra

4. Features

4.1. Partial response

4.2. Partial update

4.2.1. Using http patch command

4.2.2. Eg, update just title of a task

4.3. RPC services

4.3.1. Not rest semantics Eg, rotate image

5. Client library

5.1. Uses discovery mechanism

5.1.1. Client library that discovers an API & builds the client library dynamically

6. API's

6.1. Tasks API

6.2. Groups API & Groups settings API

6.2.1. Can be used to control access to resources Groups can have access to google storage resources You can use it to manage ACL eg for beta testers

7. Apps Script

7.1. Run JS scripts in Google's cloud & work on Google Docs/Apps data

7.1.1. Features Caching Locking UI builder Charts Gmail & gdocs actions

8. Picker API

8.1. Let's users select a google docs document of the user

8.1.1. That can then be integrated in your app

9. Auth

9.1. Oauth2

9.1.1. Provide playground

10. Google Apps marketplace

10.1. New features

10.1.1. Personal apps - individual users purchase apps

10.1.2. Staff picks Featuring deeply integrated apps

10.1.3. Improved search & Analytics

11. About

11.1. @ryguyrg

11.2. Ryan Boyd