Insufficient Parking Problem Solving

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Insufficient Parking Problem Solving by Mind Map: Insufficient Parking Problem Solving

1. Parking hours/Parking meter

1.1. Discourage students to park their vehicle at campus for long time

1.2. So parking slot always available without need to waiting so long

1.3. But it may aggravate students affairs

2. Share car with friend

2.1. Students can ride a car together as a group to campus

2.2. So parking slot usage can be reduce, instead of one parking slot for one person

3. Terrace/Underground parking lot

3.1. Suitable for main building like DKG 1 and Varsity Mall

3.2. Costly to build and disturb students routine when construct

4. Limitation or restriction using car

4.1. Students under Sem 4 not allow to using car at campus site

4.2. Students must have sticker to using their own vehicle at campus