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System by Mind Map: System

1. Employer Area

1.1. Create Account

1.1.1. First name

1.1.2. Last name

1.1.3. Email

1.1.4. CVR

1.2. Account

1.2.1. Billing Billing Detials Company name (read from CVR only) CVR (read only) Street postcode City Country Email Extra email (financial Accounting) Action Bank Account details Bank name Bank account number Bank reg. number

1.2.2. Account details Company name (read from CVR only) CVR (read only) Update data from CVR API Details Company logo image Company website Address Street postcode City Country Contact person Email Phone number Position / title Change password Current password New password Repeat new password Update Change email New email Password Update Action Save

1.2.3. Data ID first_name last_name email phone_numer cvr_number company_date company_address company_post_code company_city company_country company_email billing_address billing_post_code billing_city billing_country billing_email date_registered date_last_updated company_bank_name company_bank_account_no company_bank_reg_no contact_person_position company_website

1.3. Post Jobs

1.4. Job Lists

1.4.1. Job Title

1.4.2. Applicant name

1.4.3. View CV

1.4.4. view answers

1.4.5. view profile

1.4.6. job status

1.4.7. action reject application reject reason action send message message actoin reference details reference user name reference user email reference user phone number called for conversation approved

1.5. Payment and invoice

1.5.1. List of transaction Date Job Amount (DKK) Status Paid Pending Payment method Credit card (Stripe) Bank wire Download invoice

2. Admin Area

2.1. User / Admin Login

2.1.1. Email

2.1.2. Password

2.2. Page CMS

2.2.1. Page List Page Name Type Category Action Edit Delete

2.2.2. Add New Page Page Name Type Guide About us Category Description (Rich Text Editor) Action save cancel SEO url slug Meta title Meta description

2.2.3. Data Id page_name page_type category_id description date_added date_last_updated SEO slug meta_title meta_description

2.2.4. Categories Add new Category Name Type Action List of Items Category Name Action Data id category_name date_added date_last_updated

2.3. Message Templates

2.3.1. Template list Type Template Name Action Edit Delete

2.3.2. Add new template Type Email Notification Template Name slug Subject Mail Content action save cancel

2.3.3. Data ID type template_name template_slug subject mail_content status to_email_address from_name footer_signature date_added date_last_updated

2.4. Admins Manager

2.4.1. Admins List Name Email status Action Edit Delete

2.4.2. Add New Name Email Password status active inactive action save cance

2.4.3. Data ID name email password salt date_added date_last_updated status last_login_date

2.5. Settings

2.5.1. General Settings Company name Company logo Street City Postcode Phone number Email address CVR

2.5.2. Invoice settings Account number Reg. number due_date invoice_fee invoice_interest

2.5.3. GDPR settings Private policy / consent statement page (rich text editor) Consent checkmark text line Cookies intro text line List of all users / persons who have approved Jobero's consent statement. foreach

2.5.4. Email Settings From Email Address From Name Footer signature (If any)

2.6. Package manager

2.6.1. Add New Type Duration package Product package Name Total Price duration Ex: 3 months , 2 months action save cancel

2.6.2. View List Type Package / Duration Name Total Price Jobero Price Bounty Price Duration action edit delete Predefined packages type

2.6.3. data ID type name total_price jobero_price bounty_price duraton

2.7. Job post manager

2.7.1. Types Add new type Name action View List Type action Data ID type

2.7.2. Categories Add New category category name action Category List Category name Action Data ID category_name date_added date_last_updated

2.7.3. List of all job posts

2.8. User manager

2.8.1. Missing

2.9. Question Bank

2.9.1. Add new Type Multiple choice Single choice Question List of anwers Foreach Add new Save

2.9.2. LIst Question Type Total answers Action Edit Remove

2.9.3. Data ID question type answer_array name Priority

2.10. Bounty Payout Manager

2.10.1. Missing

3. Functions

3.1. User roles

3.1.1. superadmin own page CMS pages CMS categories System email templates DNA questions / answers list Job Post other Employers Applicant Administrator Pending Payments

3.1.2. admin Own profil CMS pages CMS categories System email templates DNA questions / answers list Job Post other Pending Payments read edit

3.1.3. employer

3.1.4. applicant


4.1. If Session = Employer OR if Session = Guest

4.1.1. Add new job If session = Guest Create account Details Employment details Category Image (optional) Headline / Title Content (Rich text editor) status Select Product package Select Duration package Question pool Add template Add new question My questions Payment Method Stripe Bank wire action Publish Draft Cancel

4.2. List of all jobs

4.2.1. Image

4.2.2. Title

4.2.3. Company name

4.2.4. Type

4.2.5. Company city

4.2.6. action If Session = Employer AND if jobPost = MyJobPost edit delete view Page view

4.3. If session = Employer

4.3.1. My job posts Status Job title Application deadline Total candidates Referred Candidates (Amount) Bounty Reward( Action Edit View post View candidates

4.4. If session = Applicant

4.4.1. My applications Job title Status Employed Draft Called for conversation Ended Rejected Company name Application deadline Action Edit View Job Post View Questionnaire

4.5. Data

4.5.1. jobs ID employer_id category_id image title description type_id accession_date application_deadline status package_id duration_id total_price jobero_price bounty_price package_duration extra_duration date_added date_last_edited payment_reference_id invoice_id payment_method post_end_date

4.5.2. questions ID job_id question type right_answers

4.5.3. question answers ID question_id answer

4.5.4. job_application ID applicant_id job_id attach_cv attach_application status applied rejected called for conversation employed draft date_applied date_responded referral_id

4.5.5. job_question_answers ID job_id applicant_id question_id answer

4.5.6. job_history ID job_id applicant_id history date_added

5. Applicant Area

5.1. Register

5.1.1. Linkedn Register

5.1.2. Manual Register Name Email actoion Send Confirm Email Cancel

5.2. Account

5.2.1. Profile Title / Position profile picture References Add Refrences Reference List

5.2.2. Account details First Name Last Name Phone number Email Address Postcode Street City Country Change password Current password New password Repeat new password Update Change email New email Password Update Action save cancel

5.2.3. Bank Account details Bank name Bank account number Bank reg. number

5.2.4. Data ID first_name last_name position profile_picture email phone_number street city post_code country bank_name bank_account_number bank_reg_number refid date_registered date_last_updated_profile References ID user_id company_name position description period_from period_to date_added date_last_updated

5.3. My Bounty Payouts

5.3.1. Bounty List Job Title Referred User name Bonus Amount status Date paid

5.3.2. Data ID job_id applicant_id bounty_amount date_added date_paid status

5.4. My referrals

5.4.1. Job Reference Share URL Example : <site_url>/<job_title>/<referal_id> Through Email Email Id action

5.4.2. Data ID job_id applicant_id applicant_referral_id reference_type share URL Through Email status hired not hired

5.5. Networks

5.5.1. Invite Email Message action send cancel

5.5.2. List profile thumbnail image User full name View profile action delete

5.5.3. Data ID user_id network_user_id date_added network_user_thumbnail network_user_fullname

5.6. My Applications