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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. FOR

1.1. Assessing for instruction using initial assessment this guide teaching strategy and differentiation

1.2. Looking at learning needs using diagnostics

1.3. Teacher uses assessment to work with student to create learning goals

1.4. Examples: Diagnostics, entry tickets, early observations and discussions

2. AS

2.1. Student and teaching monitor learning goals progress this is a continuous process

2.2. Teacher uses descriptive feedback to help improve students learning

2.3. Teacher uses this assessment to analyze effectiveness of teaching strategies and instruction

2.4. Examples: Reflection logs, exit tickets,, quizzes, discussions, conferencing,

3. OF

3.1. To determine level of student achievement

3.2. Teacher uses evidence to make professional judgement on student's progress

3.3. Teacher uses descriptive feedback for students to help student's move forward in their learning

3.4. Examples: Tests, Presentations, Completed Assignments

4. Assessments In MUSIC

4.1. It is important to look at the creative process and assessing all the steps involved to guide student's in the right direction

4.2. The purpose of feedback is to enhance student learning and should not be done only at the end of an assignment but through the whole process

5. Effective Feedback

5.1. Be Specific:: Tell student's exactly what they can work on to get better

5.2. Examples: Work on your brething when playing, foucs on singing at the right pitch, review FACE and EGBDF, Pratice clapping on beat