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Teoria de Vygotsky by Mind Map: Teoria de Vygotsky
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Teoria de Vygotsky

Communication theory is a field of information and mathematics that studies the technical process of information and the human process of human communication. The origins of communication theory is linked to the development of information theory. Limited information-theoretic ideas had been developed at Bell Labs, all implicitly assuming events of equal probability. Harry Nyquist's 1924 paper, Certain Factors Affecting Telegraph Speed, contains a theoretical section quantifying "intelligence" and the "line speed" at which it can be transmitted by a communication system. Ralph Hartley's 1928 paper, Transmission of Information, uses the word information as a measurable quantity, reflecting the receiver's ability to distinguish one sequence of symbols from any other. The natural unit of information was therefore the decimal digit, much later renamed the hartley in his honour as a unit or scale or measure of information. Alan Turing in 1940 used similar ideas as part of the statistical...

Aquisição da Linguagem

Fator histórico e social


Processo de Ensino Aprendizagem

Informação Linguística

Construção do conhecimento

Aprendizado mediado


Processo dialógico

Uso e funcionalidade da Língua

O discurso e as condições de produção

O papel do professor é o de mediador, facilitador

Relações sociais



Internalização de procedimentos


Voluntário e indepedente