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Future City 3033 by Mind Map: Future City 3033

1. Family

1.1. The families will are more united.

1.2. Will be more communicative.

1.3. The technology will join them.

2. Careers

2.1. All the careers their objective will be create new technology for the people.

2.2. The careers more util for the people will be Robotic.

3. House

3.1. The houses will be very technological.

3.1.1. The floor could be change their design.

3.1.2. All the houses will be more ecologist.

3.2. The houses could be float

3.3. In the houses will living many robots.

3.4. Will use energy solar or energy created with the trash o garbage

4. Longevity

4.1. The people will be able live many time

4.1.1. The medicine will be more technological Less Doctors

4.2. The grandfathers will be able see their fifth generation .

5. Marriage

5.1. The marriages will be very formals.

5.2. All marriages will be more united

5.3. The marriage will have more patient.

6. Place

6.1. The floor, will be useless.

6.1.1. The car they will fly

6.1.2. The people using teleportation.

6.1.3. All floating.

6.2. The park will be false.

6.2.1. Tree

6.2.2. Plants

6.2.3. Others naturals things