Architecture design

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Architecture design by Mind Map: Architecture design

1. Structure folder

1.1. VCOMPASS (root)

1.1.1. server ( back end laravel)

1.1.2. client ( front-end Vue)

2. Git repo

2.1. VCOMPASS (1repo)

2.1.1. branch-server server_develop server_debug server_stg server_prd

2.1.2. branch_front-end frontend_develop frontend_debug frontend_stg frontend_prd

3. Deploy

3.1. One host, one domain

3.1.1. create app Vue in view of lararvel. Laravel serve first page for Vue

3.2. two domain

3.2.1. Laravel deploy in a domain Vue deploy in other domain

4. Laravel Skeleton

4.1. Sử dụng skeleton laravel của APV. Install bằng composer và sửa lại setting env cho phù hợp. Bỏ các file liên quan cài đặt docker