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Tsunamis by Mind Map: Tsunamis
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What is a tsunami?

A wave which is generated when a body of water is suddenly moved.

What causes tsunamis?

Tsunamis are usually caused by undersea earthquakes or sudden rise or fall of the ocean floor.

What effects do they have on places that they hit?

They usually cause damage of property and loss of lives for those who are caught up in them.

How do tsunamis affect the people?

Their properties are severly damaged and they will have to rebuild their homes. This will probably take months and victims will have to stay in temporary shelters in the meantime.

How do people protect themselves against tsunamis?

They invent alarm systems that are offshore. This systems can detect seismic movement and will alert those who live on land when there are major seismic activities.

Should people in safer parts of the world help tsunami victims?

Yes, they should. This way, victims of a tsunami can recover sooner. Also, people in safer parts of the world can offer emotional support to these victims.

How does it feel to live in a less safe place compared to Singapore?

We feel less secure and more wary about our surroundings. We will also appreciate the safety of Singapore more.

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