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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Mom - She works at a hospital and has plenty of friends. She could ask her friends if they know of any places that are hiring, or she can ask if they're hiring everywhere she goes

2. My Best Friend - He has a great knowledge about multiple stores, stores in the mall especially. He can tell me which stores to avoid applying to and which stores will fit perfectly for me.

3. My Mom's Boyfriend - He's got a really good job. Maybe he'll help me in getting hired.

4. My Brother - Worked for a nearby winery and could recommend me for a job there this summer.

5. The Career Center - They have knowledge of various jobs for anyone.

6. My Teachers - Maybe they'll have friends that are employers.

7. My Neighbour - They know about how good I am handling jobs; I think she'll just be a good reference

8. My Doctors - Maybe they'll know something about jobs.

9. My Manager - I bet she'll know a few people who are also employers.

10. My Family Friend - There's a very high chance that she'll know all sorts of places that are hiring

11. My Cat - Maybe he'll give me an epiphany somehow (This isn't him, but close enough)

12. Just Some Job Webpage - When all else fails, or I'm getting really desperate, I go to sites like Castanet or Job Search to find the job that I would've never have thought of.

13. My Other few friends - I don't know, maybe they'll know something

14. The First Thing That Comes to my Mind That Isn't What You See Here - I ran out of ideas.

15. Something Else - I really don't have anyone else