Talking about someone else's life

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Talking about someone else's life by Mind Map: Talking about someone else's life

1. Emotions

1.1. It makes him happy

1.1.1. To reunite with his family

1.1.2. To obtain support from the Lords of Westeroos

1.2. It makes him sad

1.2.1. The suffering of the innocent

1.2.2. Not to have his parents with him


2.1. Jon can't be dishonest

2.2. He can't hold a flaming sword

3. Jon's Abilities

3.1. He can use a valyrian steel sword skillfully

3.2. He can influence people

3.3. Can he defeat a white walker?

3.4. Why can he be a positive leader?

3.5. He is good at climbing mountains

4. Plans


4.1.1. He will protect the Seven Kingdoms from the Army of the Dead

4.1.2. He will ride one the Dragons

4.1.3. He won't die (again) I promise!

4.1.4. He won't create alliances with the Lannisters

4.1.5. Will he marry Daenerys Targaryen?


4.2.1. He is going to defend Winterfell

4.2.2. He is not going to reclaim the Iron Throne

4.2.3. He is not going to betray his brothers and sisters

4.2.4. Is he going to be the next King?

4.2.5. Who will he marry to?

5. Places he would like to visit

5.1. He would like to visit Cersei in Kingslanding

5.2. He would like to visit his mother's grave

5.3. He wouldn't like to return to Castle Black

5.4. Would he like to go again beyond the Wall ?

5.5. Where else would he like to travel?

6. Life Experiences

6.1. He has gone beyond the Wall

6.2. He has fought many important battles

6.3. He hasn't found a wife yet

6.4. Has he ever crossed the Narrow Sea?

6.5. Where has he lived his whole life?

7. His Memories

7.1. He did not know her mother she died when he was baby

7.2. He grew up in Winterfell with his half-siblings

7.3. Where did he find a pack of puppies wolves ?

7.4. Did he return from the Death?

7.5. He had a red-haired girlfriend

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