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1920's Mind Map by Mind Map: 1920's Mind Map
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1920's Mind Map

The Jazz Age




Harlem Rennaisance

African Americans migrated to the north

Women's Rights

The 19th Amendment gave the women the right to vote

Soon after 1920, women began working outside of the house

Portrayed by the "Flappers"

New Industries

Assembly Lines (Divided work into simpler tasks)

Prohibition (18th Amendment)



The Untouchables






Red Scare developed from so many immigrants moving to the United States.

The Ku Klux Klan

A group formed that was against immigrants, blacks, catholics, womens rights and bootleggers

Scopes Trial

Very popular trial in American history

Conflicts between faith and reason, individual liberty and majority rule, and finally science and technology.

John Scopes was in trial for violating a state law of teaching evolution.

The two conclusions were: legislatures can't stop the ability of scientific inquiry, and that the public should respect the freedom of academics.

Red Scare

The fear of communism in the United States.

America thought that the Bolsheviks were behind communism.