Victorian Age by Mathilde, Johanne & Viola

3.a repetition engelsk victorian era

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Victorian Age by Mathilde, Johanne & Viola by Mind Map: Victorian Age by Mathilde, Johanne & Viola

1. Texts/movies

1.1. Excerpt of Dracula Bram Stoker

1.1.1. Oppressed sexuality

1.2. The Victorian Age

1.3. Dracula musical

1.4. Excerpt of A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens

1.5. A Christmas Carol movie (David Jones, 1999)

2. Super-power (Britain)

2.1. Colonies all over the world

2.1.1. "The sun never sets on the British Empire" A quarter of the World was under the British Empire

2.1.2. India as an English colony

2.2. Nationalism

2.3. Heart of the empire = London

3. Class differences and gender roles

3.1. Oppression of women

3.2. Women: %sexual desire, purity, modesty

3.3. Traditional gender roles

4. Industrialisation

4.1. Infra-structure

4.1.1. Poor conditions Children working

4.2. Overpopulation

4.3. England had more advanced technology

5. Queen Victoria 1837-1901

5.1. Her three older brothers died, leaving no legitimate children

5.2. Married her cousin, Prince Albert

5.3. Queen Victoria´s Golden Jubilee - 60 years of Queen Victoria rule

6. Superstition

6.1. Dracula

6.2. A Christmas Carol

7. Charles Darwin

7.1. Survival of the fittest

7.2. Science vs. religion

7.3. Evolution

8. Liberalism

9. Charles Dickens

9.1. Portrayed the lower classes of the Victorian Age

9.2. Oliver Twist

9.3. A Christmas Carol

10. Religion

10.1. The Church of England lost its legal monopoly in 1828-33

11. Sanity/insanity

12. Aristocracy

12.1. Dracula had political power - a symbol of the evil upper class

12.2. Aristocracy is a form of government that places strength in the hands of a small, privileged ruling class

13. Sport

13.1. Croquet - played after working day - the only good thing about imperialism