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Multicultural and Bilingual Special Education by Mind Map: Multicultural and Bilingual Special Education
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Multicultural and Bilingual Special Education

Cultural Diversity

Values and Typical Behavior

Languages or Dialect

Nonverbal Communication

Awareness of Individual Cultural Identity

World Views/General Perspectives


Equality of Education

Multicultural education

One of the purposes of Multicultural Education is to increase the understanding of the subculture of Exceptionality and its relationship to other groups.

Expectations of Teachers


Deciding what to teach


Deciding how to teach

Deciding how to teach a diverse classroom depends upon the teacher's expectations of students and their abilities.

Working with Families

Language Minority Students

Effective Teaching Practices

Teachers must have a knowledge and understanding of their own cultures and biases to be able to maintain effective teaching strategies for the classroom.


Ethnic Groups

Common historic origin, shared identities, heritage, and traditions

Behavior patterns- political and economic interests

Exceptionality Groups

Ethnicity should not be mistaken for education exceptionality, i.e., the inability to read or speak english may cause a particular child of a different ethnicity to have a disability, but this inability might be considered unimportant in a different culture.

Share a set of abilities or disabilities that are especially valued or require special accommodation



Response to Intervention (RTI)

RTI lowers the bias of the abilities of ethnic minorities through the use of CBMs.

Assessment of Progress

America and Multiculturalism

Building a Diverse and Just Society