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1. Realtors Helping Realtors


1.1.1. 90 day bootcamp

2. Lead Gen

2.1. Facebook

2.1.1. Google (Optional)

2.2. KvCore

2.2.1. Team CORE Addon $400 15 users (realtors Can provide leads to non-exp agents

2.2.2. Info:

2.2.3. Get a 514 Quebec Number clickup (task/projet management) Gmail account for MarketingBooth (central for admin) Clickup is free (everyone with a free account and invite people to view) Objective

3. Coaching

3.1. ZOHO Showtime

3.2. Training

3.2.1. 4 Mini courses of theory

3.2.2. 1-4 day field training

3.2.3. 1-1 coach test

3.2.4. Sign a Declration of Commitment



4.2. Ali - Commander with a little bit of money

4.3. Amine - Chief of Staff - Attraction - CC Manager

4.3.1. Role: Chief of Staff Setup and followup for the leads Attraction - Generating Leads for Recruitment (booking zoom meetings)

4.4. Admins

4.4.1. Grace, Gemma, Charissa All the administrative tasks will be managed by this team.

4.4.2. Shing:

4.5. Kevin - Lead Gen/Management, coaching, training, podcasting

4.5.1. Has already been doing what Leadz Engine is doing for 4 months and has a call center available

4.5.2. Cost: $1000USD per month ($1400CAD) 400 leads per month so 15 realtors (40 leads per realtor per month) Call center calling the leads for the first 5 days Must be assigned before those 5 days

5. Structure


5.2. Once per week minimum meetings OR MORE

5.3. Quebec - Dragos Facebook

5.4. Ontario - Ali/Kevin Facebook


5.6. Address and phone of the company (MB)

5.6.1. Quebec Number for Marketing Booth: 1-514-613-6032

5.7. 3 models for agents to choose from

5.7.1. NO EXP - INDEPENDANT 10% Split $3.50 per lead (30) - $105 Ontario: $8000 is the typical amount of a transaction Net: $2800 $299 per month-$499 per month Negotiable up to $99 depending approval First Month/Two (50 leads per month) $100-300 IF you close 2 deals in that timeframe FREE MOTHERFUCKER AND UNLIMITED No Access to VA HOW DO WE GET PAID???? HOW DO WE KNOW THEY ARE CLOSING OUR LEADS OR JUST SAYING THEYA RE DISQUALIFIED YET CLOSING THEM BEHIND OUR BACKS? Charge a higher fee (build relationship with them) EXP -INDEPENDANT - FREEDOM MODEL They would pay $99 per month Access to the Virtual Assitants Welcome Package $200 Model 35% Split VIRTUAL ASSISTANT PACKAGE

5.7.2. EXP Core Model 25% off everything, 90/10 split or 95/5 split program. So the agent is paying between 30-35% to the brokerage (EXP+Marketing Booth) Team Leader takes 25% EXP Brokerage takes 10% Total cost to the agent: 35% Split is 65/35% Monthly Cost: $139 Welcome Pacakge ($200 value) No icon agent (up to the agent to give this up) Can handle more volume and convert more because they are 100% focused on this and not their own "personal deals" where they get "more money" Minimum One year commitment (12 month commitment)


5.8.1. Dedicated Virtual Assitant to do the following CMA, Listing Paperwork, Singing, Tempalte design, DRIP Campegin setup, KVCORE setup/support, lead responding Broker load Backend Paperwork (skyslope, payment process, trade records) FINTRAC (the only thing they can't do) Auto-search Matrix and KVCORE Have an assistant account setup which can link with any reatlor in Ontario (quebec maybe) to act on their behalf. CHAT WITH CUSTOMERS (whatsapp), take requests,

5.9. TASKS

5.9.1. Dragos needs to apply for a team setup

5.10. Alliances Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Lenders

5.10.1. Mortgage Brokers Auto-approve leads as they come in within 5 minutes. A basic questionaire and off they go. Full automation with API integration 2 broker owners ready for this and prooven to have been doing this for 5+ years

5.11. Playbook - SOP - What to expect

6. Social Media

6.1. instagram

6.1.1. focus on brand

6.1.2. use apps to boost folllowers nox (android emulator) Yoliker instroliker

6.2. Make a linktree @brentgoverealestate

6.3. facebook

6.3.1. Branded Facebook Page

6.3.2. Facebook Group (both on facebook and on Workplace)

6.4. Branding (leads)

6.5. youtube podcast

6.5.1. Weekly interviews with champions of industry Local presence / Parkbench Brossard Québec News, Events, Deals & Real Estate - Parkbench

7. tasks

7.1. Dragos

7.1.1. Setup the operations in clickup mindmap

7.1.2. Create the brochures for the pitch

7.1.3. Slideshow

7.1.4. Determine a mechanism to collect payment and verify payment Relationship with the agent System - How often, how? What do we do? GLR = GEO warehose Do a search on the lead when they come in and then when we believe they closed.

7.2. Ali

7.2.1. Tech

7.2.2. Make a linktree account Later Pricing Plans - Comparison and Features

7.2.3. Get the KvCore Team Function

7.2.4. Setup the website With Website

7.2.5. Design the website so it is ready to go

7.2.6. setupt he facebook, yt, and branding side paltforms instagram FB Youtube

7.2.7. Costs: $3000 per month for tech + leads & $3620 in support (VA's) = $6620-$7300 CRM = Clickup $4.50 / user for Clickup for 20 users $45/month Zapier $100 month KvCore $800/month Lead Generation: $2000/month Amine - French $1120 $8 hour - 35 hours ($280/week x 4 = $1,120) Ghassan - French $5 an hour ( Estimated: $400 Ching - $400 $5 an hour $400 a month Ali's VA's 1700

7.2.8. Payment Processing: Transferwise Seems a bit cheaper 100 PHP when we did conversion Worldremit

7.2.9. Phones USE KVCORE Recorded, tracked, and attached to the customer Forwards the numbrs Option 2: JustCall - Best Cloud Phone System Software for Remote Teams Option 3:

7.2.10. Annual Costs: $84000

7.2.11. Income: $6 Dollars a lead = 300 leads =

7.3. Kevin

7.3.1. Setup An account with Mindmeister

7.3.2. Setup account with clickup

7.3.3. Introduce the lead generation "guy" Setup a Call anytime find out what CRM they are using and see how we can position leads to them Meeting with Gideon Dave Newell - Lead Generation Expert (October 16 2020) Experienced in North America $1000 USD

7.4. Amin

7.4.1. Setup the process flow

7.4.2. Work on how admins will be trained

7.4.3. Verificatoin

7.5. VA

7.5.1. Access the Matrix systems and verify closings Use geowarehouse to see the buyer and verify the names and match with the leads Use matrix to see all the transactions for that agent (do once a week check for all agetns)

7.5.2. EXP Disloses details about the deals (address and clients) so we can work with EXP to ensure accountability

8. leadzengine lead generation

8.1. Basic For a list of houses under $500k click here