5K 90 Day Plan

New Mind Map of activities that Alex Jeffrey has assigned and a MAP for them in his MarketingWithAlex.com class!

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5K 90 Day Plan by Mind Map: 5K 90 Day Plan

1. Module #2 "Profit Pulling Platform"

1.1. Register Domain Name

1.1.1. GoDaddy.com www.InternetListPro.com

1.2. Hosting

1.2.1. GoDaddy.com Set Up FTP account FileZilla Software

1.3. Autoresponder

1.3.1. Aweber Set Up Campaign Set UpOpt-In Form

1.4. Payment Gateway

1.4.1. PayPal Create Buy Now Button Redirect to product

1.5. Brand Free Product eBook

1.6. Brand Webpages

1.6.1. HTML Editor (Frontpage) Sales WEBPAGE (Index) Custom Graphics Custom Content (Personalize) Add Opt-In Aweber Code Verify email Instructions WEBPAGE Free Product Delivery & Upsell WEBPAGE Custom Graphics Custom Content (Personalize) Add PayPal Buy Now Button Add Link to Blog Paid Product Page Custom Graphics Custom Content (Personalize) Add Bookmark Page button Add Link to Blog

1.6.2. Page FLOW (End Result!) Sales WEBPAGE (Index) Fill In Aweber Form

1.7. Upload Complete Website

1.7.1. Test Site

2. Module #1 "Forward To Basics"

2.1. Set Up Mindmap

2.1.1. www.mindmeister.com

2.2. 1 Year Plan

2.2.1. 90 Day Plan Monthly Plan Weekly Plan

2.3. Set Up Blog

2.3.1. Domain Name Hosting Wordpress