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ICT Curriculum Planning click the arrow to find out more by Mind Map: ICT Curriculum Planning click the arrow to find out more
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ICT Curriculum Planning click the arrow to find out more

Digital creativity

Website - MS Dreamspark "giving students MS professional tools at no charge": Website - Convert files online: Website - Convert files online:

Digital literacy

Digital society

Digital technology

Assessment Homework: How much, how often: Cultural fascination with grades:

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Docmentary sources

Videos - Documentary Storm: Videos - Discovery Channel: Videos - Watch know learn:

Resource Cloud

Links to go through

77 web resources for teachers to try this summer: 20 websites for teachers : ICT Magic: Evolution of the geek: little book of ict ideas: Brainpop: Cool tools for schools: Funnelbrain: Freeesl materials: EY and KS1 resources: E2Bn ICT Learning resources: Teacher training videos: BBC Teachers: Ideas to inspire: 100 best open source apps for educators: Box of tricks: Free resources for education: Free tools for teachers: Classroom tools and templates: 100 twitter feeds to make you a better teacher: Technology integration: 95 websites to bookmark: technology training videos: Free web tools you should know (2009): edutecher: edtechcrew podcasts: Technology tutorials for teachers: IWB example lessons: Free IWB resources: 500+ Creative lessons to teach almost anything: Top 100 educational tools of 2011: Edcoms teachers: Top 50 Mobile learning resources: 100 resources for new teachers: Best places for students to create resources for real audiences: 30+ holiday apps for creativity & learning: top 25 websites for education: Top 100 sites of 2011: Scoopit/teaching: Zui: #ictcurric resource bank: FOSS -

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