NVC-UK practicalities as understood by Ray

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NVC-UK practicalities as understood by Ray by Mind Map: NVC-UK practicalities as understood by Ray

1. How to participate in this map for fun

1.1. Call Ray on 01343 890287

1.2. email "ray" then put the at sign, then "andy-taylor.org"

1.3. should needs/values always be in CAPITALS?

2. Your ideas for primary branches

2.1. your ideas here:

2.2. it's possible to link to YouTube, other mindmaps, blogs etc

2.3. LINKS favourite clips that really give an impression of NVCUK

2.4. New node

2.5. New node

3. current network stuff

3.1. thoughts before the Jan Barn event

3.1.1. sad not to be there; I'd love to hear from anyone who wants a way to include distant people (Ray 01343 890287)

3.1.2. your ideas

3.1.3. New node

3.1.4. New node

3.2. I'm planning to ask vicky if she's happy to have a pre-Barn mind map

4. future network events

4.1. Summer family camp

4.1.1. Who is involved so far? New node New node New node New node

4.1.2. Date and contact person

4.1.3. Needs

4.1.4. Dreams

4.1.5. Requests

4.1.6. Your category here

4.2. should probably have its own mind map or blog or web page

5. What branch here would support positive creativity?

6. Should we create an official map for NVCUK?

6.1. who would have editing rights?

6.2. or is it better that it's unofficial and those who want to do it just do it, and listen to requests from others as they arise?

7. Ideas for ways to meet needs more fully


7.2. IF ADDNG AN IDEA HERE, PLEASE specify need first

7.3. then specify a request and what you are willing to do eg be phoned about it

7.4. EMPATHY (instant)

7.4.1. more people on IM skype or fring etc so I can see who's available in present time anyone willing to take a small step on this? call Ray 01343 890287 8-9am 5-8pm best

7.5. shared inspiration and FUN

7.5.1. a newsletter in the form of a NVCUK blog, to avoid inbox clutter willing to be called 01343 890287 8-9am 5-8pm best I believe a blog is quite easy to look after - I've just started one on google blogspot

7.6. SUPPORT urgent appeals without using internet

7.6.1. a phone tree could also be used max 1/month for connection needs a caretaker; I'm wiling to offer a phone tree design that would include everyone even those without a phone; Ray


7.7.1. weekly phone ring anyone in the phone ring can send a celebration or hug around the ring should include only those who want a weekly one-to-one call and are willing to make one

8. NVC-UK channels

8.1. What needs we have agreed to meet through each NVC-UK channel

8.1.1. NVC-UK riseup CLARITY about conference calls and face-to-faces offers of work INCLUSION: first formal step into the UK network

8.1.2. www.NVC-UK.info contact info for full members

8.1.3. Face-to-faces CONNECTION! UNITY in decisions if there's a business session

8.1.4. Conference calls UNITY in decisions

8.1.5. Europe-Africa circle getting info to and from other NVC circles in Europe and Africa Ray and SG are current contact people

8.1.6. A mind map not an agreed NVC-UK structure I imagine it would be useful for CLARITY about the state of the network (Ray)

8.1.7. Peer circles please ask Alison Harper

8.1.8. Invisible webs of empathy and affection has no official existence but is probably what really really holds us together