Dark Souls Remastered Goals

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Dark Souls Remastered Goals by Mind Map: Dark Souls Remastered Goals

1. 100% Playthrough

1.1. Collect One of Every Item/Weapon/Armor/Spell/Etc.

1.1.1. Weapons Daggers Dagger Ghost Blade Bandit's Knife Parrying Dagger Priscilla's Dagger Dark Silver Tracer Straight Swords Straight Sword Hilt Broken Straight Sword Broadsword Shortsword Longsword Barbed Straight Sword Sunlight Straight Sword Balder Side Sword Astora's Straight Sword Silver Knight Straight Sword Drake Sword Darksword Crystal Straight Sword Greatswords Bastard Sword Black Knight Sword Claymore Flamberge Crystal Greatsword Man-Serpent Greatsword Great Lord Greatsword Moonlight Greatsword Greatsword of Artorias Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed) Stone Greatsword Abyss Greatsword Obsidian Greatsword Ultra Greatswords Dragon Greatsword Greatsword Black Knight Greatsword Zweihander Demon Great Machete Curved Swords Scimitar Shotel Falchion Quelaag's Furysword Painting Guardian Sword Jagged Ghost Blade Gold Tracer Katanas Uchigatana Washing Pole Iaito Chaos Blade Curved Greatswords Server Murakumo Gravelord Sword Piercing Swords Rapier Estoc Mail Breaker Ricard's Rapier Velka's Rapier Axes Hand Axe Gargoyle Tail Axe Battle Axe Butcher Knife Crescent Axe Golem Axe Great Axes Demon's Greataxe Greataxe Dragon King Greataxe Black Knight Greataxe Stone Greataxe Hammers Club Reinforced Club Mace Morning Star Warpick Pickaxe Blacksmith Hammer Blacksmith Giant Hammer Hammer of Vamos Great Hammers Demon's Great Hammer Great Club Large Club Dragon Tooth Smough's Hammer Grant Fist and Claws Caestus Claws Dragon Bone Fist Dark Hand Spears Spear Winged Spear Demon's Spear Pike Dragonslayer Spear Parizan Channeler's Trident Silver Knight Spear Moonlight Butterfly Horn Four-pronged Plow Halberds Halberd Gargoyle's Halberd Titanite Catch Pole Black Knight Halberd Great Scythe Lifehunt Scythe Scythe Lucerne Giant's Halberd Whips Whip Notched Whip Guardian Tail Bows Short Bow Longbow Composite Bow Black Bow of Pharis Darkmoon Bow Great Bows Dragonslayer Greatbow Gough's Greatbow Crossbows Light Crossbow Heavy Crossbow Sniper Crossbow Avelyn Catalysts Sorcerer's Catalyst Izalith Catalyst Logan's Catalyst Beatrice's Catalyst Oolacile Ivory Catalyst Demon's Catalyst Tin Banishment Catalyst Tin Crystallization Catalyst Tin Darkmoon Catalyst Oolacile Catalyst Manus Catalyst Flames Pyromancy Flame Pyromancy Flame (Upgraded) Talismans Talisman Canvas Talisman Thorolund Talisman Ivory Talisman Sunlight Talisman Velka's Talisman Darkmoon Talisman

1.1.2. Shields Small Shields Small Leather Shield Leather Shield Target Shield Buckler Cracked Round Shield Warrior's Round Shield Red & White Round Shield Caduceus Round Shield Effigy Shield Plank Shield Crystal Ring Shield Standard Shields Gargoyle's Shield East-West Shield Wooden Shield Large Leather Shield Heater Shield Knight Shield Tower Kite Shield Caduceus Kite Shield Hollow Soldier Shield Balder Shield Sunlight Shield Iron Round Shield Silver Knight Shield Black Knight Shield Pierce Shield Spiked Shield Crest Shield Dragon Crest Shield Grass Crest Shield Spider Shield Bloodshield Sanctus Crystal Shield Greatshields Bonewheel Shield Tower Shield Stone Greatshield Eagle Shield Black Iron Greatshield Havel's Greatshield Greatshield of Artorias Giant Shield Cleansing Greatshield

1.1.3. Armor Sets Adventurer's Set Antiquated Set Artorias' Set Balder Set Bandit Set Big Hat's Set Black Iron Set Black Knight Set Black Set Black Sorcerer Set Brass Set Catarina Set Chain Set Channeler Set Chester's Set Cleric Set Crimson Set Crystalline Set Dark Set Dingy Set Eastern Set Elite Knight Set Favor Set Giant Armor Set Gold-Hemmed Black Set Gough's Set Great Lord Set Guardian Set Gwyndolin Moonlight Set Havel's Set Hollow Soldier Set Hollow Thief's Set Hollow Warrior Set Holy Set Hunter Set Iron Golem Set Iron Set Knight Set Lord's Blade Set Maiden Set Ornstein's Set Painting Guardian Set Paladin Set Pyromancer Set Thorns Set Shadow Set Silver Knight Set Smough's Set Sorcerer Set Steel Set Stone Knight Set Thief Set Wanderer Set Warrior Set Witch Set Xanthous Set Unique Armor Fang Boar Helm Gargoyle Helm Sunlight Maggot Symbol of Avarice Sack Bloated Sorcerer Head Royal Helm Mask of the Father Mask of the Mother Mask of the Child Bloated Head

1.1.4. Magic Sorceries Souls Arrow Great Souls Arrow Heavy Soul Arrow Great Heavy Soul Arrow Homing Soulmass Homing Crystal Soulmass Soul Spear Crystal Soul Spear White Dragon Breath Magic Weapon Great Magic Weapon Crystal Magic Weapon Magic Shield Strong Magic Shield Aural Decoy Hush Fall Control Hidden Weapon Hidden Body Repair Cast Light Chameleon Remedy Resist Curse Dark Orb Dark Bead Dark Fog Pursuers Pyromancies Fireball Fire Orb Great Fireball Great Chaos Fireball Firestorm Fire Tempest Chaos Storm Combustion Great Combustion Fire Surge Fire Whip Chaos Fire Whip Poison Mist Toxic Mist Acid Surge Flash Sweat Iron Flesh Power Within Undead Rapport Black Flame Miracles Heal Great Heal Excerpt Great Heal Soothing Sunlight Replenishment Bountiful Sunlight Force Wrath of the Gods Emit Force Magic Barrier Great Magic Barrier Homeward Seek Guidance Karmic Justice Vow of Silence Tranquil Walk of Peace Lightning Spear Great Lightning Spear Sunlight Spear Sunlight Blade Darkmoon Blade Gravelord Sword Dance Gravelord Greatsword Dance

1.1.5. Rings Tiny Being's Ring Cloranthy Ring Havel's Ring Ring of Steel Protection Spell Stoneplate Ring Flame Stoneplate Ring Thunder Stoneplate Ring Speckled Stoneplate Ring Bloodbite Ring Poisonbite Ring Cursebite Ring Red Tearstone Ring Blue Tearstone Ring Ring of Sacrifice Rare Ring of Sacrifice Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Lingering Dragoncrest Ring Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring Dusk Crown Ring White Seance Ring Darkmoon Seance Ring Ring of the Sun's Firstborn Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring Ring of the Sun Princess Leo Ring Wolf Ring Hawk Ring Hornet Ring East Wood Grain Ring Dark Wood Grain Ring Rusted Iron Ring Covetous Gold Serpent Ring Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Covenant of Artorias Orange Charred Ring Old Witch's Ring Cat Covenant Ring Ring of Fog Ring of Favor and Protection Ring of the Evil Eye Calamity Ring

1.1.6. Items Ammunition Standard Arrow Large Arrow Feather Arrow Fire Arrow Poison Arrow Moonlight Arrow Wooden Arrow Dragonslayer Arrow Gough's Great Arrow Standard Bolt Heavy Bolt Sniper Bolt Wood Bolt Lightning Bolt Consumables Estus Flask Humanity Twin Humanities Fire Keeper Soul Divine Blessing Prism Stone Repair Powder Transient Curse Homeward Bone Green Blossom Bloodred Moss Clump Purple Moss Clump Blooming Purple Moss Clump Purging Stone Charcoal Pine Resin Rotten Pine Resin Gold Pine Resin Egg Vermifuge Elizabeth's Mushroom Embers Large Ember Very Large Ember Divine Ember Large Divine Ember Dark Ember Large Magic Ember Enchanted Ember Crystal Ember Large Flame Ember Chaos Flame Ember Key Bonfire Items Repairbox Weapon Smithbox Armor Smithbox Bottomless Box Rite of Kindling Lordvessel Soul of Four Kings Soul of Seath the Scaleless Soul of Gravelord Nito Soul of Bed of Chaos Keys Master Key Dungeon Cell Key Undead Asylum F2 East Key Undead Asylum F2 West Key Big Pilgrim's Key Residence Key Mystery Key Basement Key Key to Depths Sewer Chamber Key Blighttown Key Watchtower Basement Key Key to New Londo Ruins Key to the Seal Cage Key Archive Tower Cell Key Archive Prison Extra Key Archive Tower Giant Door Key Archive Tower Giant Cell Key Annex Key Crest of Artorias Peculiar Doll Broken Pendant Crest Key Multiplayer Orange Guidance Soapstone White Sign Soapstone Black Separation Crystal Red Sign Soapstone Cracked Red Eye Orb Red Eye Orb Blue Eye Orb Dried Finger Book of the Guilty Indictment Servant Roster Dragon Eye Eye of Death Sunlight Medal Souvenir of Reprisal Purple Coward's Crystal Ore Titanite Shard Large Titanite Shard Titanite Chunk Titanite Slab Green Titanite Shard Blue Titanite Chunk Blue Titanite Slab Red Titanite Chunk Red Titanite Slab White Titanite Chunk White Titanite Slab Twinkling Titanite Demon Titanite Dragon Scale Projectiles Firebomb Black Firebomb Dung Pile Throwing Knife Poison Throwing Knife Alluring Skull Lloyd's Talisman Souls Regular Souls Boss Souls Tools Skull Lantern Binoculars Darksign Dragon Head Stone Dragon Torso Stone Black Eye Orb Silver Pendant Hello Carving I'm Sorry Carving Very Good Carving Help Me Carving Thank You Carving Unequippable Pendant Rubbish Copper Coin Silver Coin Gold Coin

1.2. All Bonfires Fully Kindled

1.3. Max Level Estus Flask

2. Blind Playthrough