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Need comprehensive list of all features needed from day of rollout - I have created a separate node for all "Phase IV" wishlist features From Karey - I will  add in our preliminary list shortly.


New Releases


Ask Jughead


Street Team

Conversion of DE Katalog

Use it for "Network Stores"

Web 2.0 ideas

Toolbar customization

Mobile - Web integration

Easy integration with main community sites

YouTube embedding

Database Integration

Backward compatibility

Migration of data process has been done

Mail List Manager integration with PrimeTime

Admin & back-end

Logins and access

Power user features

Reuters system

B2B Email update process

Specific migration issues

Old news items

New copy for artist sections

Design & aesthetics

Widget system


Rock vs. metal weighting

Although this is desired by Cees & Menno, I personally see little merit in it. However, if the feature has been created, we will adopt it. From Karey - this feature is ready to go

More friendly user-fields

Music & Video

Phase IV feature wishlist

Collation of all the features that are being thrown around at present that cannot be dealt with in current phased rollout plan. Many of these features need to ingegrate the new site more closely with Web 2.0 ideas.

User-created widgets

Digg + community links for all stories

Comments & ratings

Wiki-like bios for registered users

New node